Still Haven’t Found a Vine Voice

January 13, 2014

Thomas Sanders - my very Vine-r. (Or at least, tied with Ry Doon. :-P)
Thomas Sanders – my very Vine-r. (Or at least, tied with Ry Doon. :-P)

I love Vine! Do you?

Technically, I have a Vine. I can’t link you from here because they don’t have desktop links yet. It’s all done on the app. (My handle is AurorasBlog, just as it is for everything else.)

So far, I’ve only posted two videos. (And who even knows if I’ll keep those up since I’m still in the learning phase…)

First, let’s talk about how spectacular Vine is. I love the app. I think it’s such a great/interesting place to watch people’s creativity shine.

Vine seems to work best for people who have recurring characters and/or running bits.

I LOVE when Ry Doon does his Jay-z vines. I don’t know why they’re perfect, but they are. He just does random things as Jay-Z (reads children’s books and such). And he just has this hilarious little laugh. Everything about it is awesome.

Thomas Sanders (from the photo above) is a wonderful viner! He is basically my vine inspiration for the exact kind of viner I’d like to be.

He’s hilarious. But here’s the best part – he’s hilarious without being mean or wildly stereotypical. The stereotypical thing is whatever. Some people’s vines revolve around stereotypes of all kinds. Some of them are funny. I’m not gonna knock it.

I remember improv. Get your label and play it as hard as you can for your short scene to get the maximum amount of laughs. Vines are only 6 seconds. So you gotta go hard.

But what’s better than playing to stereotypes is doing the funny little bits Thomas Sanders does. Also, going back to the idea that some people do sort of mean vines… Some people make vines that seem so mean to either someone else specifically, a group of people, some random person on the internet whose footage they used, or even to themselves (I get self-deprecating humor, but some vines are uncomfortable)… some vines just seem mean or negative.

And I get that sometimes comedy is mean or negative. There can be humor in that. But sometimes it just gets exhausting to watch… Or at least, I think so.

But Thomas Sanders just does funny relatable vines like when the end of a song you love is on when you turn on the radio. He also does “Disney Pranks” and “narrating people’s lives.” He seems really fun. I want to go hang out with him Florida.

So, my vine voice. I have no idea what I’m doing! I like to think I’m oh so creative, but when it comes to six-second looping videos, I’m frozen up. Some people are SO good at it. It’s a skill I never knew anyone  needed to have before Vine (which isn’t that old!). But there are people on there who seem like professional viners.

Also, one of the things about vine that’s supposed to be kind of cool is that you don’t get to edit your videos… BUT there are people with special effects and things that look like they could not be done without editing… So how do they make those happen? The magic of Vine, I suppose…

Anyway, this post is getting long so I gotta wrap it up. But I haven’t found my Vine voice, though I do hope to play with it a little more…

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