The Expenses of 52 Half Marathons – Part 4 (Lovely People Helping Me Out (Thanks!))

January 24, 2014

Aurora with a big smile holding up her medal at Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans 2012
Amazing Wendy and Marty paid for a hotel room here, helping to make it possible for me to happily experience New Orleans – where I’d never been before!

I do just want to give one big shout out to everyone who helped me during this project.

As I looked at my little spreadsheet while writing this post, I saw a couple names that warmed my heart because of how much I adore the people.

In places where people drove me or let me stay with them, I put their name instead of a dollar amount. And even going back to the very beginning and my awesome friend Taylor, I thought, “I adore her! I couldn’t be happier that this project started with her…

And then I was sad ’cause now she lives even farther away from me. But such is life, I suppose.

I almost feel bad since I just talked (yesterday) about some of the money was foolishly spent.

I even forgot about a wasted race entry – which didn’t count toward my total – after I registered for Providence and didn’t make it with my buddy pass… Should I have tried to go to the airport a day earlier? Questions I ask myself when resources get sort of wasted… Granted, I did totally use that buddy pass for Denver. But I bought an extra race entry in the process (and missed out on Providence). *exhales at my choices from the year*… But even though I can pick it apart… Again, I reiterate, I made it through. So, yay for that! Right?

I like to believe that when people are helping me that I’m smartly using the resources they’re offering. So, when I make bad decisions on some races when it comes to money, it makes me feel bad.

But, everyone who did help me had a really open heart about it and I appreciate each one of them so much. And every time I see the people’s names if I ever look back on this spreadsheet of blog posts, I can’t imagine a time when it won’t make me smile. So, huge props to everyone who did help me.

(And if it makes you feel any better, even though I have a couple of instances of foolish money spending, I have a lot more of good money spending. There were just some forehead-palm (like in the V8 commercial) moments. But we’ve covered them. They’re over. And I like the think they stick out ’cause they were different – not the norm.

I have one more post tomorrow.

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