What Did I Do With All The Medals? – Part 2 (Continuing to Call Around & Get Quotes)

January 28, 2014

Picking up from yesterday

I have 72 medals and my expensive $2,500 quote.

When I told someone who knew way more about framing than I did that it was going to cost $2,500, she said she was positive I could call around and find a better deal. Sure enough, she was right.

First, I called other places in Los Angeles. Many were still very expensive. Then I expanded my search.

My parents live in Ohio, and so many things often seem cheaper out there. So, I started calling Columbus shops. Sure enough, they were much cheaper! Ultimately, we got a quote for about $800.

It was interesting talking to different framing shops. Some seemed like they thought the project would be too hard. Some thought it would be possible with some restrictions. And some seemed excited about the challenge/possibility of such a cool, big display.

Originally, I’d said I wanted the medals in the shape of a 52. I thought that’d be cool. I dropped that idea after the first frame shop (back in L.A.) said it wasn’t feasible. But somehow that option worked its way back into my life – which I’m really happy about, because it was ultimately what I wanted.

I felt bad about dropping the old framing place after spending so much time with them. I didn’t actually commit to anything. But still, time is money. However, when I found places for 1/3 of the price excited about working on it, I had to move on.

I actually called around for estimations back in March-ish of last year (soon after the half marathons were completed). I don’t like to leave boxes of stuff (including medals) just sitting around… But, I always found other uses for money. So, it just kept getting pushed back and back.

Finally, I decided to visit Ohio this month to once and for all take care of the shirts and medals. It’s been a year since this project ended. It’s time to officially (metaphorically) tie it in a bow and put it to rest.

So, I came to Ohio and met with a couple of framers who gave the best quotes.

Before going into the stores, I thought I was going to want to go with an actual frame shop, that specialized only in framing…

But then I learned that as with oh so many things, I think framing has to do more with the people doing it than the place where that person happens to be.

This is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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