Quilt Story on NBC4 Columbus – Part 1 (The Hair Story)

February 5, 2014

Leave it to my dad to
a) be my makeshift publicist &
b) get stuff done

My dad seems to be friends with everyone, always. Sure enough, one day he comes in with the news that he’s talked to Cabot Rea – a local Columbus newscaster – at a restaurant. Sure enough, yesterday, we taped a story on my quilt & half marathons.

First, let’s take a moment to talk about the disaster that was my hair. I got my hair dyed because it seemed to be getting lighter and that was no good. So, I brought it back down to a shade below my normal brown color. Well, my hair-line on my right side ended up looking weird – like a total straight line instead of an even semi-natural hairline.

In order to try to make this problem less noticeable, I tried getting as much dye as possible off my skin in that area. That meant I washed my hair 3 times in 24 hours. Then I exfoliated the heck out of that spot. (Now I have one wildly dry space on the side of my face. Dandruff galore in that little area. It is rough, baby!

I guess the point of this story is just to say that I wore my hair down for the interview/b-roll. I planned to be cute and wear it in a ponytail to suggest I’m a semi-athlete. But some super covering up business had to be done about my wild hairline/dryness/craziness.

We’ll pick up with how the rest of it went tomorrow.

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