I Have Climbed The Mountain Of Digital Photographs! – Part 1 (Oh, What A Project)

February 10, 2014

“I Am Going To Die Under a Pile of Digital Photographs” – that was the original blog title.

Sorting seemed overwhelming. It almost felt like a ridiculous project to undertake. Because really, would I ever finish them?

In my life (before the blog), I was never really that into taking tons of pictures. I guess, perhaps in certain events in which I was determined to remember every moment, I’d go a little camera happy. But for a long time I was of the mindset that I’d rather really look and experience things rather than try to capture them.

Also, what was I going to do with photos even if I took a bunch of them? I used to move all the time. Brooklyn, Astoria, Back Bay Boston, Far Rockaway, Los Angeles (Hollywood), Los Angeles (West Hollywood), Los Angeles (all over the place). I liked to have all of my possessions down to two suitcases, ’cause who knew where I’d be going next month?

Granted, we’re of course in a world in which we can house practically unlimited photos online or on our computers. But, before this past year, I wasn’t a huge sharer of photos online. I dunno. Photos just weren’t really my thing.

Basically, I think I can stop all building up of that past just to say that the great photo project of 2012 -2013 was something I’d never come close to dealing with in my life.

I had batches of photos from over 52 races (with marathons and 5ks thrown in there). I had photos of trips I’d taken to new cities. I had photos of my teacher’s retirement party, my new things I do every June 25th. There were pictures from the day I picked up my Price is Right car, and the day I met Cory Booker, and on an on. I had a lot of photos.

And they were starting to drive me crazy.

I don’t like to be too unorganized. As many various articles in the world state, having clutter in your life also clutters up your mind. So, now that I I was in my “year of responsibility,” one of the things I was determined to do was clean out my computer – and that included a gajillion photos.

And we’ll get into it all tomorrow.

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