I Have Climbed The Mountain Of Digital Photographs! – Part 3 (Editing)

February 12, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

I was saying it was work just to get photos all into one place. Well, once you actually got them all in the same place – first, there was the whole thing of scanning in non-digital ones. (I’ve so learned that unless it is significantly cheaper, it’s so much easier/better to just suck it up and buy the digital version.)

Also, even once scanning was done and you actually had everything on your computer, there was cropping and pressing that “enhance” button in iPhoto when things were too much in shadow, and all that jazz. Just little non-professional photo editing takes a surprising amount of time! (Of course this is probably because I was trying to do a billion pictures at once. But still…)

Speaking of editing, I found 2 apps for the vain among us that can be helpful in a pinch – Perfect365 and Facetune. I don’t think there are desktop versions for these. So, it’s a little annoying if you’re trying to work on photos on your desktop, then you have to get them on your phone, edit them, and then go back to your desktop. But, you know, that’s a small annoyance.

I tried to keep pictures looking generally like what I looked like… However, if my teeth looked yellow in lighting (even though I work so hard on my teeth!), that kind of stuff might get a change. Then editing becomes such a slippery slope, I feel… Once I realized I looked better after certain editing tricks, I’d want to edit everything!

So, I’d swing from “let’s edit everything!” to “this feels so fake and is time consuming. Forget it. Let’s edit absolutely nothing!” throughout my photo organization journey.

What’s funny is that my teeth are so white (if I do say so myself ;)) – with no filters, no trips through editing apps or Photoshop or anything like that – in some photos that they possibly look a little fake, or like they got a little touch up… (Granted, my actual real-life teeth are fake (veneers), so there’s that.)

But if my teeth are beaming sometimes – with one of those bright spots you see in cartoons practically coming off of them – then how is it that in some pictures they actually looked yellow?! It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s amazing to me how much lighting in a place can change things. But the point is, in the age in which we live, we can touch up things a bit when necessary (if we want to take the time/be that vain… and sometimes, I do…)

Anyway, moving on!… Which is what we’ll do tomorrow.

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