I Have Climbed The Mountain Of Digital Photographs! – Part 4 (Videos)

February 13, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

One unpleasant thing I brought on myself was that since I didn’t have a system, and I wasn’t organizing as I was going along (tsk tsk), there were some pictures that I had four or five times hidden throughout my computer!

The photos I used a lot for news articles, or photos I really loved that I knew I couldn’t bear to lose – I found them over and over again. I’d end up emailing them to myself to use for something, then saving to who knows where else. Next time I needed it, I wouldn’t remember where I saved it last time. And boom, I’d do it all over again.

And my gosh the videos! How much video can one person take? Well, you can take a lot. Between videos I made for the blog and videos I took at the Grand Canyon and other places, I felt as though I was drowning in videos.

I’m not even that huge into videos. I’m usually checking the internet from a place where I’d rather read (or see pictures) than turn up sound and load a video. So, going through those felt like one of the most tedious things to me – even though I really liked some of them! It was certainly really fun to re-live parts of the Grand Canyon and some other fun adventures.

But some of them felt more like work – fundraising videos – things I made specifically to try to get the word out about my project or make more money for Broadway Impact. And those were yet more things saved in multiple places on my computer for the same reasons some of the photos were.

“Oh, I need to put this on waywire” (which is actually moot now but you know, Vimeo, or whatever), or “I need to add this to the blog (etc.). I can’t find it… Guess I’ll just export it again.”

Then we get to the sorting phase: “I have another copy of this video on my computer? How will I ever sort through all of this?!”

But somehow, in some way, I did. (At least I think I did. *Cut to me finding some secret stash of videos on a hard drive somewhere*… Please, don’t cut to that. I hope that doesn’t happen…) I sucked up my non-love of videos, sat in my room, and pounded them out.

And this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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