I Have Climbed The Mountain Of Digital Photographs! – Part 7 (Final Thoughts)

February 16, 2014

*Again, my apologies to RSS readers. This is the last catch up post ’til we’re back to real time.

Picking up from yesterday

At the beginning of this series of posts, I said that I’d never been that into picture taking before. But I will say, that no matter if I had some long and/or sort of tough lessons to learn about organization and such… overall, I’m really glad that I got way more into photographs.

Having photos is cool! It’s fun to be able to look back, or make collages, or put photos up in my apartment.

So, overall, I’m really happy that I’ve basically discovered the idea of documenting memories. (Yay!)

And as I’ve already mentioned in here, I think the big lesson is to name, organize, and such as much as possible at the end of each day. When I had such a humongous load of photos to deal with, it was too overwhelming.

Also, honestly, I got sick of looking at my own face after a while! That’s not a dig at my face. That’s just to say how long in one day can you look at someone – especially if that someone is yourself? It gets old after a while…

So, lessons learned. I’ll try to be better from now on. I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts on photos, organizing, or any photo experiences you’d like to share!

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