(#3) Do Good Bus (Renovating A High School Library In Watts) – Part 2 (The Bus Ride)

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
Aurora and her group from the Do Good Bus pulling up carpet during a renovation

Some of us working on pulling up some carpet

Picking up from yesterday

So, we all got on the bus, bonded over childhood and what we dreamed we’d be, and then Rebecca – the leader of the bus – stood up to give us a little talk.

She said the main 3 goals of the Do Good Bus are:
1) Raise awareness for issues people may otherwise not know about
2) Help to build a strong community
3) Encourage people to get back out there and volunteer again somewhere.

Then she said it was time for some bus activities to get to know each other better. 1st we shuffled up and had to sit next to someone we didn’t know. When you meet someone new on the Do Good Bus, you greet them with a high-5.

After a few more introductions all around the bus, and high-5s happening ever, it was time for a game!

We played speed pictionary in which the bus was split between front of the bus and back of the bus. Rebecca worked with the group in the back. Adrienne (the Do Good intern) worked with us up front. We passed around a little dry erase board drawing pictures… well, you know how pictionary works.

Each person got a turn, and the contest was to see which area of the bus could finish the whole stack of clues first. Once your group was finished with the stack, everyone had to do basically silly jazz hands by the side of their heads while making funny sounds (sort of as though they were underwater). Otherwise, your win didn’t count.

My group won. *Dusts off shoulders.* Before you knew it, it was time for our day’s activity to be revealed (since we were almost there). Rebecca told us we’d be going to a high school in Watts to help re-imagine its library.

When we got there, of course, we started by playing another game as we got off the bus. It was a variation of rock, paper, scissors – elves, dragons, wizards. You got to use your whole body and pose instead of just your hands. I totally dominated my match.

Then, she said for the final round, we’d just pose as anything we wanted in the world, and then figure out who beat whom. I posed as a tree. My reasoning behind that was that even if I were destroyed by a tank or something, I wanted to know that I’d given life while on the earth – and sustaining life I also thought was a pretty powerful power in itself.

However, this was really horrible reasoning because the person across from me was a ninja or something intense like that, and the consensus was that she could definitely destroy a tree.

After this, we started doing actual helpful things. So tomorrow, I’ll leave the games behind and talk about the (fun, still) work of the day.

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