(#3) Do Good Bus (Renovating A High School Library In Watts) – Part 3 (What’s The Project?)

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Aurora pulling tiles off the wall during a library renovation with the Do Good BusPicking up from yesterday

So, we got went into the library to hear a little introductory talk given by Victor from No Right Brain Left Behind and Tay from Green Dot Schools.

Green Dot took over the school back in 2007. Tay said at the time there was a 80 – 90% dropout rate. So, Green Dot’s been working to get the graduation up (and the dropout rate down). One of the things they believe will help in doing that is partnering with No Right Brain Left Behind for this project.

The school’s library closed down about 5 years ago due to budget cuts. They had to let go of the librarian. Without a librarian to supervise the books and the students, they just didn’t allow kids to use the library space. But, it’s a perfectly good room being wasted. So, No Right Brain Left Behind wants to turn it into an innovative, usable space.

NRBLB’s goal is to get more creativity in education (which I can totally get behind). So, they’re going to set up a space where people can learn and create, and where educators can bring in special projects and get high schoolers working hands-on, on things.

Victor told us that 140 public school libraries had been shut down in December due to budget cuts. I’d had no idea that so many libraries were going by the wayside. I guess I understand it with iPads and things. But I was still surprised.

So, Victor said he wanted to make this project scalable to other schools. He told us one of the goals was to make less than 5% of the school’s square footage inspire, activate, and engage the rest of the school. And in this space, they would try to elevate creative thinking.

The week before us, a private Do Good Bus done by Starbucks partners (I believe that’s the term for Starbucks employees) had removed all of the books from the library and started taking down some of the shelves.

Out job was to finish completely stripping the room so all the actual renovating stuff could begin.

And this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

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