(#3) Do Good Bus (Renovating A High School Library In Watts) – Part 6 (End Of Working Day & Ride Home)

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Aurora De Lucia playing a game on the Do Good Bus

from the game we played on the way home – can you tell if I’m lying or telling the truth?

Picking up from yesterday

So, we finished tearing apart the room. We didn’t get to help build anything, which is too bad. But I suppose if you have a bunch of random people of all different skill levels, it’s easier to get them to tear things apart than make this interesting innovation center place.

When it was just about time to head out, Rebecca gathered us for a few little closing remarks. She said that one thing she really hoped we took away from the day is that everything goes faster when we do it together. She said she hoped that we could use this in our daily lives – if we saw a neighbor raking leaves, or a co-worker struggling with a project at work – that it will all go more efficiently (and somewhat easily) if we all just pitch in and work together.

Btw, does this or does this not sound like something Cory Booker would eat up?! Somebody get this bus to Jersey, right?! I volunteer to run it if anyone actually wants to expand!

On the way home, we played one last game. Those cards we’d turned in, with stories of our lives – Rebecca had 3 different people stand up. Then she’d read the story. Everyone on the bus would have a chance to ask follow up questions to the person. (Basically, I think this was a lot like that old game show – To Tell The Truth. Then, you’d have to decide who was telling the truth.

I was in the first group. It was actually my story (that I’d seen *Nsync in concert 22 times in elementary & middle school). The other two girls didn’t seem wildly into it. One just repeated my answers and one just kind of mumbled and trailed off responses. So, every person knew it was me. I’d hoped to be one of the pretenders, ’cause I think on many subjects I could come up with details on the spot (it’d be sort of like an improv game). But, being the person whose actual story it was, was pretty fun too. Since I didn’t really have to do any thinking.

In the next round, someone had won a chicken nuggets eating contest. There was one really confident-sounding, funny guy who was part of the group and practically everyone thought it was him. However, I knew it wasn’t him because of one fatal answer. I asked how he prepared for the contest. He said he drank. Funny answer with funny delivery… But I don’t know many people who fill their stomach up with fluid before eating contests. I felt so good about being one of the very few to guess correctly in that round. Ba-bam!

In the final round, I didn’t even vote,  ’cause it was really hard to tell. One girl seemed really confident in the story. Everybody thought it was her. However, a girl in the back of the bus seemed really like “uh, I dunno, I guess this?” to every answer. And to me, she was almost doing that attitude so hard that I thought it had to be an act. However, I’d met her earlier in the day. I knew she was a pretty quiet and somewhat sophisticated-seeming doctor. So, maybe a grown up doctor really isn’t all that into this game.

Girl, was a I wrong though. This is why I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or occupation)… and why I should be more confident in things. I had a feeling it was her! And if only I’d guessed her, I would’ve been the only person to get it right! Rargh, rargh, rargh. Oh well.

That was the end of the day! I hope to ride this bus again!

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