(#4) Running Cameras At SCaLE (Southern California Linux Expo) (February 23, 2014) – Part 2 (Actual Volunteering Part)

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Aurora De Lucia working on live recordings at SCaLE (Southern California Linux Expo)Picking up from yesterday

So, this wasn’t a totally huge deal. But I’m a perfectionist. So, anytime I make mistakes it bothers me. I want to go back in time and undo them. But alas, I can’t.

Two things happened that were mistake-y.

So, the guy working next to me – he’d been working there for 3 and a half days. I figured he totally knew what was up.

There was one big room that had a table and chairs next to the podium. I asked him if I needed to get that whole table. He very confidently said no. It wasn’t a panel. People would take turns standing at the microphone to give their parts of the presentation.

But sure enough, as we started watching, people were totally talking from their seated positions. (And because there were other rooms we were also watching, I did not even notice this immediately.)

The good news is, is that the table wasn’t completely full. (There were empty chairs.) And even with only trying to get the podium, the part of the table that had people was still in the frame. I mean, it wasn’t framed up the way it would’ve been if you’d been specifically trying to get the table. But it was fine. And it was fixed when we realized it.

I’m not at all blaming that volunteer. I just almost always defer when I’m new to a place. And perhaps it should be a lesson to me to double check things more or defer less, or I’m not totally sure. But I only mention it because I think there may be a lesson in there for me…

cool looking job board at SCaLE (Southern California Linux Expo)

a job board in the lobby I thought looked kind of cool

Secondly, someone else in the room pointed out to me that they were watching in 4:3, and they couldn’t see the speakers in one of the rooms. So, I learned (the hard way) that I needed to give more space on the sides than originally thought. But no one told me that other people were watching in different aspect ratios! I’d just been told to zoom in. And I thought if I could see the person on my screen, then the person could be seen… But apparently not.

So, that was also fixed. But the point is, in my first of 3 rounds of talks, I think some speakers were not on screen for entirety of her or his talk.

The good news is, the conference is going to edit in the slides to the talk. So, with a little editing magic, just spend some more time on a few slides and maybe it won’t be so noticeable that the person wasn’t in the frame.

Also, I listened to this podcast recently and heard the story of the guy who filmed on the jib for the (very expensive) Let’s Make a Deal opening. He accidentally got record and stop mixed up somehow, and thought he was recording when he was stopping and vice versa. I didn’t do that. So… yay?

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