(#5) Western Justice Center’s Peer Mediation Invitational (February 25, 2014) – Part 2 (Beginning Of Mock Mediations)

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
slips of paper with mock mediations written on them

some mock mediations the high schoolers are led through

Picking up from yesterday

For the record, they did incorporate peer mediation into the improvisation with various games improv games that they put in mock peer mediation situations.

After the welcoming part was done, the volunteers were supposed to lead groups to their respective places to do their mock mediations. So, they called the volunteers to the front of the room and assigned us a group.

Now, we had been given maps. So, everything was cool… except of course for the fact that I am horrible – absolutely horrendous – at finding my way anywhere ever. My hippocampus has to be the size of a penny (or some small object of your choice that you like better).

I’m pretty sure I didn’t even smile and introduce myself to the mediator in charge of the group because I was so nervous that I was going to get everybody lost.

I focused in so intently on the map. Once we got down the stairs, we were almost to the front desk. I knew we were on the opposite side of the building from that desk, so off we went.

Thankfully, we were in one of the largest rooms – that was right next to the largest room. So, I found it without any problems. Can you believe it?! I led them in, but then we couldn’t figure out how to turn on the lights.

a handwritten sign that says US Marshals only taped to the back of a folding chair

a super legit sign labeling the US Marshals’ official-looking chair.

So, I ran to the front desk. They called the guy who knows how to do everything. I got the answer and ran back…

Even though I’d said I was going for an answer, and I ran to get one, the mediator had just sent someone else to try to find the answer. I can’t blame her. I know she wants light and wants to use all her available time. But man, life is rough when you’re going fast and it’s still not fast enough. (This transported me back to my days as a PA.)

So, I got there in time that the newest information fetcher didn’t need to go find out how to turn on the lights. We had to go out the back door of the room into a little hallway, and that’s where the light-switches lived. It never dawned on me that the lights in a courtroom were controlled outside of the courtroom.

Then, the mock mediations began. The students from the arts high school played out various scenarios, and the peer mediators in training tried to help the parties come to an agreement.

Part of me wanted to jump in – to either side! I love acting – especially when the student actors got pretty complete characters and scenarios given to them. And after a while, I felt as though I was really picking up on all the peer mediator rules, so I sort of thought I could do that too.

But alas, instead, I had to just be an adult and sit in the back and cheer them on. But I was happy for the kids, and you could actually see people improving in their mediation skills as the day went on which was really cool.

I’ll pick up here tomorrow.

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