Asics Los Angeles Marathon (2014) – Part 11 (The Finish)

March 20, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

In the last mile, I thought, “it’s time to let it all go.” So, I listened to “Let It Go” (from Frozen (and written by my favorite musical theater writer), and I felt empowered!

I haven’t seen the movie yet. (I know, I’m the worst.) So, the song means basically whatever I want it to mean right now. And I walked faster, stood straighter, and felt amazing as I thought about letting it all go.

As I got closer to the finish line, I started jogging again. Sure, I was tired, hot, and in need of some electrolytes. But I didn’t want to walk anywhere near that line. So, I jogged it out to the finish, leaving any problems or anything else on the course.

I did not get anywhere even close to that 6:30 I was kind of aiming for – but here’s the thing. I wanted a 6:30 so they wouldn’t close the course on me. And they didn’t close the course on me. So, what did I care? All I really wanted was to beat my previous marathon time…

I mean, I would’ve preferred to totally obliterate it, but just beating it is fine enough. I finished in 6:49:57 – a 13:51 improvement over my 7:03:48 in Disney World. So, yay me? Maybe. A little bit. Eh, it was an improvement, not a full out win. But, I’ll take it. (What other choice do I have, right?)

My dad was there and greeted me as I was in line for a massage. (Is there anything better than having your dad at the finish line?)

After the race, we went out to P.F. Chang’s with one of my dad’s friends who’s known me since I was just a tiny little adorable baby (’cause we lived out here back then).

I’d say overall it was a great day. And I look forward to the next marathon!

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