A Little Reflection… – Part 1 (I Like The Direction I’m Heading Right Now)

March 21, 2014

This really might be more meat for a personal journal than the blog, ’cause I’m not sure if you’re gonna care about any of this.

However, I’m writing anyway.

For the past probably 5 or so months, I’ve felt pretty, um, I don’t know if maybe “in control” of my life is the best way to put it… But I suppose let’s go with that. I’ve definitely felt much more like a real adult.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been losing weight. I can fit into much cuter and better clothes now. So, I think I’m starting to sort of look and carry myself a bit more like a real adult.

Also, this isn’t nearly as important as that, but I’ve gotten much better at social media and not falling so far behind on all of it. I’m not perfect, but at least better about loading pictures from events on my computer as soon as possible, naming, sorting, and getting them out there. And that makes me feel more organized and proactive.

I think it also helped that in October I got this really amazing gig where I was pushed harder than I’d ever been before as an assistant editor. I was the only one on my show on nights. So, I had a lot of responsibility. I also had to fill in for the day lead for a week or so, which is a pretty big job (especially since he also handles development, not just the one show). I also got a raise. (What, what?)

So, my new grown-up wage and responsibilities, plus just being better and generally more organized about my life has been feeling incredible.

Not to mention, quite possibly the most important part which is that I’ve been writing a lot more! I’m making more time to work on my musical, and I’m ready to finally leap in to another writing class. So, that’s all awesome.

Now, why did things change in me? And how can I keep that change going?

The reason I’m kind of out-loud wondering now how to keep that change is because I’m about to start a day job (I know, right?) with a long commute. I remember last summer/early fall when I job in daytime hours with a long commute. I felt so exhausted. And that was when I started kind of spiraling a bit and talking about going back to college and thinking about how, “I can’t do this forever! What am I gonna do, y’all?”

Okay, I need more space to do out-loud wondering. So, let’s pick up here tomorrow.

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