A Little Reflection… – Part 2 (What Was The Problem?)

March 23, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

So, my last day job exhausted me. Part of this was that it was in Burbank, which I think is even hotter than L.A. proper. It was also really hard and time consuming to get to/from. Plus, we were in the middle of nowhere. Instead of being smart and bringing food from home, I ate the only food available in the building (of which there weren’t very many healthy choices… and of the few there were, I did not choose to make them).

Also, thinking back to last summer, I got rejected from The BMI Musical Theatre Workshop for the 3rd time. That was by far my best application, and I didn’t even get a callback. I tried to act as though that didn’t faze me.

Whatever. I’m in the business of rejection! Am I right?

But I think it hurt more than I tried to allow myself to acknowledge. I noticed that I wrote way less than usual (when it came to musicals or any type of show), and I think part of it was because I thought, “my very best doesn’t even get me an audition. So, really, what am I doing?”

Even if I kept that thought as deep down as I could and tried to pretend it wasn’t there, I think it was.

But then… *musical theater eyes* when I got my night job, everything in life seemed so much easier!

I worked at a place close to my home, so that crazy commute was no more. I also worked by tons of food options – including a grocery store! And, there was a gym down the street. Since nights are so much more chill than days, I’d go to the gym for my lunch break a few times a week.

Life was so beautiful! I was learning and growing at work, while totally having time for a life outside of it. And the farther away I got from that BMI rejection, the less I think it stung. (And I went to Ohio in January, and had a couple of moments of recharging, which made me want to write more.)

So, things were looking up.

But now, it’s back to a day job.

As I’m drafting this I’m about to start work, but when it’s publishing, I will already be into the new job. I’m working as a Post Production Coordinator on a new reality show. And I accepted it in large part because I’m excited to continue to grow and learn when it comes to my knowledge of television and the entertainment industry in general.

I think it’ll be a new and exciting challenge where I get to see the making of a show from a vantage point from which I’ve never seen it before.

And tomorrow, I’ll finish this out with asking how I can juggle having a far away job during the daytime hours while keeping the healthy life trajectory I’m on now.

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?