A Little Reflection… – Part 3 (Laying Out My New Situation)

March 24, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

So, I’m starting this new and exciting job. But as was my last daytime-hours job, this one is pretty far away. All in all between the commute and hours at work, I’ll probably be away from home for about 13 1/2-14ish hours everyday.

Certainly, there are people who work way more. So it’s not awful or impossible. It’s just not nearly as cush and nice as my last nighttime job.

Also, I had to take a paycut. While this position normally pays more than what I made at my last job, because I’ve never done it before, in their final “take it or leave it” offer, I had to decide if I was willing to take a pretty substantial paycut for the privilege of experiencing a new position.

When weighing my options, I decided it was worth it. (I was actually offered a shorter term job doing what I used to do (being a night assistant editor) at the same rate I’d had before (though at a different company). So, that’s why I say I had options… But that one wasn’t nearly as long of a gig, and when you put them side-by-side, I decided that I just felt this Post Production Coordinator one made more sense for me in this moment. (And there’s never really any way to definitively know if you made the “right” choice.)

Of course, taking a pay cut is kind of a bummer. It does sort of make me feel less like a legitimate adult. Obviously, I’ve supported myself for years now. I bathe, clothe, and feed myself. And I am employed. So, I don’t really know what qualifies as a “legitimate adult.” But I just felt like I was more of a grown up at my last grown-up pay job. So, it’s a hit to my pride.

Of course, it’s also a hit to my bank account. I can still live on my new salary just fine. But I won’t be able to do as many fun things as I could before. I’ll have to make a few more tough decisions about which things are truly valuable to me, and while adventures I need to skip out on (for now).

And that’s fine. Living with a tighter budget is cool and all. But, you know, it’s a change. So, that is what it is.

Now, other than that change, there are some things I won’t be changing. There are promises I need to make to myself. And I’ll get into those tomorrow.

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