(#7) Big Sunday & Operation Gratitude (February 27, 2014)

March 29, 2014

Aurora De Lucia making a paracord bracelet with Operation Gratitude at Big SundayI’ll admit when I first heard the name Big Sunday, I was slightly hesitant.

My last roommates (before the one I have now) were really into youth groups and church and stuff, and I know Sunday was a big day for that. So, I just thought maybe a “big Sunday” was the churchiest of all church days.

But that is completely incorrect.

Big Sunday is purely and simply “a nonprofit organization that works to build community through community service… The idea is that everyone has some way that they can help somebody else.”

It’s really cool. They partner with different non-profits and find different ways to help each week.

They give free food when you get there, and they’re even pretty centrally located & easily accessible.

Though, I will say, I take the same route to get to Big Sunday as I do to get to the Groundlings. So, as I walked down Highland, even though it’s been over a year, my body tensed up. I was going into fight or flight, baby, ready to go to an improv class.

However, it was not time for improv. It was time for volunteer work.

That week at Big Sunday, they worked with an organization called Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to our nation’s military. We were there to make paracord bracelets to put in the care packages.

I didn’t know anything about paracord bracelets, but they’re really cool! There’s a whole page on what they are and how they can be used here.

Aurora De Lucia making a little face as she struggles with making a paracord braceletIn case you don’t want to go to that link, the gist is, 8 feet of parachute cord – which can hold up to 550 pounds – can go in one bracelet and can be used for all sorts of things, such as creating harness, splints, etc. Even within the cord, nylon cords can be used to repair gear, or they can be used even as sutures, and more.

So, these two wonderful women taught us how to make the bracelets.

I’m usually a loud person who loves interacting with every person on the planet. But for whatever reason, on that day, I was just feeling a little quiet. (I know. Weird, right?)

So, this was the absolutely perfect activity for me for that day because it was a very individual activity. You could just sit there, make your bracelet, be quiet and contemplate whatever you want.

Of course by the end of the day, I was talking with everything. I mean, really, how long can you possible be quiet?

I also made the most bracelets! Up top! I “made” 13, but I kept having trouble with the last one. One piece kept coming out longer than the other. I don’t really think it’ll pass inspection. So, I say I made 12 – which was still the most of the class.

(‘Cause come on, can we really just be helpful. Or do we have to win at being helpful? ;))

This was awesome. Everyone was so nice. I would definitely go back to Big Sunday, and I’d love to help with Operation Gratitude again!

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