(#10) Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk (March 15, 2014) – Part 1 (An Absolutely Lovely Event)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

This was awesome!

After volunteering at the food bank, I made my way to the ArtWalk. Yet again – as seems to be the theme with this project, of me apparently not knowing anything about anything – I didn’t even know there was a Santa Monica Airport.

In fact, not only is there an airport, it’s a sort of controversial thing, as I found out by talking to people throughout the day.

My job here was to work the information booth. Not to flip my hair cockily or anything, but I was pretty sure I could rock this because I love being pleasant and talking to people.

When I first got there, they had me walk around to all the different areas so I could have a better idea of what to tell people. I was so glad I got to do this! I found out things I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

I saw that Mike Machat – the artist who did the mural in the Santa Monica Airport – was drawing pictures for people in the Museum of Flying (which had free admission during the ArtWalk)!

I also met Chris, a volunteer at the Museum of Flying, who totally rocked and knew everything about every plane.

It also was wonderful that I took a look around the place because we all know how bad I am with maps. But since I got to go to the places, I could say “oh, go behind this or that.”

It was a really cool day filled with activities. There was a station where children could build little terrariums. ┬áThere were places for painting and ceramics. Basically, there was all kinds of stuff to do. And here’s the best part! There was even a little sticker/passport thing on the back of the map. If you collected 5 stamps, from going to the different areas of the ArtWalk (including an improv class! – how great and full of different mediums was this place?), you got a set of wings!

I loved telling people about that awesomeness. (I love goals and checklists and things, so to me an already fun day of exploring is made all that much better by a fun list with stamps to help take you through it.) I also loved presenting the wings to people who’d finished.

Overall, this was an exceptional day. However, I do have one small rant (and more things that were great) tomorrow.

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