(#10) Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk (March 15, 2014) – Part 3 (Cupcakes)

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

So, I worked the information booth and barring all the dogs, it was absolutely wonderful!

…But, it was also extremely tempting, because there was a lot of amazing-looking (though fattening) food for you. At the time, I was being oh-so-good about that stuff. I will admit as of the writing of this post, I’ve gotten a little more lax with that stuff (while I do believe there’s a balance to strike, I’m not particularly proud of the way I’ve been eating this past week…)

Anyway, there were Sprinkles cupcakes given to the volunteers. I was offered a free cupcake probably at least 5 times. At the end, while we were cleaning up, I could’ve taken 4 because of the excess! But I didn’t eat a single one (though I will admit I came close).

I am learning that many volunteer events feed their volunteers all sorts of little treats. That’s wonderful and precious and sweet, but boy oh boy if I’m gonna do 52 of these, I gotta watch out!

Speaking of cupcakes, did you know that red velvet is really just chocolate? ‘Cause I had no idea. And it sort of devastated me a bit. (That perhaps is a bit of a dramatic way to put it….) But I’m not a humongous chocolate fan. I’ll eat it, sure. But I’d much rather have something cinnamon or vanilla anytime.

And anytime there’s a choice between chocolate or red velvet, I always pick red velvet thinking it’s some kind of cool alternative to my least favorite kinds of sweets… until I learned that it is just another variation of chocolate!

Of course someone already told me that what it actually is doesn’t affect how it tastes, so my opinions on it shouldn’t change. Logically, I understand that. But realistically, I already look at differently. It already doesn’t taste better in my mind. (I haven’t eaten it since, since obviously this has been so upsetting…)

I don’t have a great sense of taste anyway since I have anosmia (like Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s). So, you know, mind matters here! (And texture… that’s what matters for good ol’ diminished taste buds me)…

Whether or not it makes sense, I’m no longer a red velvet fan. I don’t know what in the world I ever thought it was, but I didn’t know it was chocolate. Blegh

I’ll finish out the day (and tell non-cupcake related stories) tomorrow!

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