(#14) Create Now Book Fair (April 5, 2014)

April 21, 2014

Create Now is a place that uses the arts to help people, and that is something I can always get behind!

Plus, they were having a book fair. I can also get behind getting more people reading more often. This is actually something I want to work on even in my own life. The Pew Research Center put out a report earlier this year that said 23% of Americans didn’t read a single book last year!

I don’t quite fall into that category, though I will admit I did not read many! So, yeah. Let’s read. And let’s go to a book fair where kids are being given free books!

Since I was coming from the Mensa board meeting, I wasn’t going to be able to get there until pretty late in the fair, but the volunteer coordinator said to come anyway. Once I got there, there didn’t seem to be a ton to do.

I asked what to do, but it was basically just “go see if anyone needs help.” So, I went to different booths. I did help get an extra table to a craft area. But everybody was pretty set. And that’s when one of the leaders said, “they need more help at face painting.”

Now, I’m always ready to jump in and help in any way I can, and I certainly love challenges… But to go and paint kids faces? I have absolutely no experience doing that.

I looked at the volunteer leader, probably with a look of terror in my eye, and said, “Does just anybody paint the faces? Or are these people who’ve have training to be face painters?”

She said it could be anybody. So, off I went! I jumped in, no nervously, but I am good with children, ’cause I’m outgoing and make big facial expressions. So, at least there’s that!

Thankfully, the first kids who came to my spot on the table asked for flowers, rainbows, and other simple things. One person asked for hello kitty, which I googled, then drew. (Later, I saw there was one super trained person at the table who did a hello kitty for someone, which completely put mine to shame!)

One person wanted Mario, so I sent him to that girl who was trained and was doing intricate unicorns and things. But other than Mario, I didn’t turn away any requests.

Even though I was pretty petrified about face painting (and really not exceptional at it), all the kids (and parents) acted very appreciative! They all seemed happy about the fact that face painting existed at this event, no matter how amateur the paintings were.

So, yay happiness and faking my way through the face painting booth! *high-five*

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