(#21) Miles For Melanoma 5k (May 4, 2014)

May 9, 2014

This day was short, straightforward, and simple.

I got there, got a volunteer shirt, and looked around for something to do. (The person running the volunteer table wasn’t there. She (or he) was probably out and about doing something.)

I found one of the captains in the backlot street who asked, “You doing something?” “Nope.” “Come with me.”

She assigned me to the task of moving some shirts and goodie bags over from the main registration area to the VIP area, saying once I was done with that to go find her to get another assignment.

So, I did that and I found her pointing incoming runners on the shuttles to the right directions to get their packets and such. I asked if she wanted me to take over for her so she could do other things, and she happily took my offer.

So, I spent the rest of the day pointing people from shuttles to packet pick-up. Then after the race, I pointed people to the correct shuttle.

I talked with Tony, the director of transportation. I learned about Teamsters and such, which was fun.

One thing I’m enjoying is that even though I’ve volunteered at a few different athletic events at this point, my jobs have thus far all been totally different. I didn’t even really think about the shuttling part of a race… until I worked in the shuttle area.

Think about how well-rounded and ready to take on the world I’ll be when it’s time to put on a race of my own! 😉

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