(#22) A Window Between World’s “Art in the Afternoon” Art Walk (May 4, 2014) – Part 4 (My Brain Got a Workout)

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

So, as I said, I was the ticket taker, which was really pretty dope. I got to watch people┬ámake ice cream all day. I got to see the joy and wonder on people’s faces over and over again with each new batch of people.

Plus, the people working in the booth were funny and interesting. So it was a pretty spectacular day, I’d say.

It was also fun because taking tickets wasn’t this really simple thing of an orderly line where people come up one at a time and I just simply take the tickets. Different bowls are going in different places by different people.

So, I’m trying to get all the people getting salted caramel in front of the bowl making salted caramel, and all the vanilla people in front of the other bowl. But it also wasn’t as simple as just “let’s make four lines, one for each flavor – and everyone will fill in those four for the rest of the day,” because well,
a) we didn’t have enough room for four lines
b) we had to move and adjust along with the day. Sometimes we’d go a long time where one no one ordered a certain flavor. So, it wasn’t like we could say, “Okay, Josephine will always be doing cookies and cream and salted caramel.” Because then if two different people come up – one asking for chocolate and one for vanilla, even if we had assigned those as Ben’s flavor, you better bet Josephine would’ve needed to start making one of those so we could keep the day moving.

So, I found it to be pretty fun to try to always keep it straight,
“okay which bowls are which people making right now?”
“As soon as they’re done, what flavor do I need to tell them to start on? Etc. etc.”

On the periods where we got slammed, my brain was working hard and I loved that. I always love anything where I have to think and focus and all that fun jazz.

So, it was a lovely, wonderful day. And I was a bit sad when it was done. Also, I hope I am tasked with planning an amazing party because I definitely know what dessert place I will be hiring. Yum!

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