(#24b) Technology Fair for Older Adults (May 17, 2014) – Part 1 (We Were Treated Like Princesses!)

May 19, 2014

Aurora De Lucia and Mike helping senior citizens learn about Apple products
photo credit: Shams Soomar

This rocked.

First off, I think the volunteers were thought about and cared about more than any other event I’ve been to thus far.

Now, of course, we’re there to help others. So we don’t necessarily need to be treated like pretty, pretty princesses or anything. However, it amped up my warm, fuzzy feelings about being there even more so when I felt so taken care of and appreciated.

The flow of the day was clear. They gave us sheets with tips on coaching and such. They tried to make sure we were informed and prepared for the day.

There was a little pow wow in the morning in a small auditorium to make sure we were all on the same page and everything and all that jazz.

And there was a raffle in the morning! We got raffle tickets when we checked in as volunteers… and I won something! I got $10 in iTunes money now. Woo.

After the morning meeting in the auditorium, we went up to our stations. Naturally, I was at the Apple Gadgets station. (*in Homer Simpson voice* Mmmm, Apple Products)

Aurora smiling in the audience of the pre-talk before the Technology Fair for Older Adults
(I’m in that crowd… to your left)
(Photo Credit: Shams Soomer)

We were actually seated across from the Android station. So, I felt we had a nice little Jets and Sharks rivalry going on. (I won’t even waste space here talking about which products totally win in a fight, because… come on now.)

Going back to how taken care of we were (even though it skips things chronologically), there were carrots available in the free (yay!) lunch we were provided!

I’ve been to so many places that give chips, cookies, sugar-filled things and the like. And I know you know – since I mention it way too often that I’m trying to watch my weight – that I’m sometimes sort of tempted, and it’s sometimes sort of hard for me to have all this junk food available at all these events.

(Though I will say that sometimes when the food is quite delicious (such as at the Grilled Cheese Truck), I throw caution to the wind. I don’t mind spending some calories on something sort of exotic-ish that I only have once in a great while… but how often can I have random store cookies, right? I know, I know. Be thankful for any free food. But let’s all look out for each other?… Aaaaaand I’m getting way off subject.)

The point is, they had carrots, they had wraps of normal proportions, and they had veggie options! And, they even had cookies for the people who don’t feel the way I do about this food.

So, high fives all around to the people organizing this fair, ’cause that was truly awesome.

And I’ll pick up here tomorrow.

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