Christina’s Final Season (on Grey’s Anatomy)

May 22, 2014

Yesterday, I talked about Dr. Christina Yang and my unconditional, unending love for her. And now that her run is all done (*cry, cry, sob, sob*), I just want to talk about the emotion-filled end of the season!

*spoiler, spoiler, spoiler alert*

I already wrote about what I belie the greatest episode of Grey’s Anatomy thus far.

Then, as we got closer to the end, I totally cried it up during the Harper Avery awards. The face she gave when she lost – in which she was holding on because you knew eyes in the room would be on her, yet you could totally see this intense, incredible sadness underneath it… it was the absolute perfect facial expression!

Someone just show that scene to all the Emmy voters and get that girl her statuette already!

So, I sobbed (and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed) when she lost her Harper Avery. It felt like someone had yanked my heart out of my body! Ouch.

Eesh. And then when we heard she actually won as far as the votes were concerned. Oh, ow! I love when television is so unbelievably good and moving and fabulous and wonderful that it causes me physical pain.

That was the absolute perfect set-up for why she’d have to leave. Oh, and then Burke! …

I never cared all that super much about her love interests, but when Burke was all “you’re the carrot!” that was perfect. I really just love anytime Christina is in the power position. So, it was great to see that – especially since he had a hand in taking some of her power away so many years ago… To see him be the one who ultimately was powerless. Oh, it was the best!

I also – I am literally tearing up just thinking about the finale because it was so exceptional. Gee Shonda Rhimes, why, why are you so, oh-so- cool?

So, Christina and Owen (even though we all know I’m not the biggest fan of their storyline) had the perfect goodbye. There was nothing they could’ve possibly said or done that could equal the drama of a goodbye between them. So, this whole small shared moment when he was right in the middle of a surgery, where she was just gone the next time he looked up – it was total perfection.

But here was the very best part of all. She came back to say goodbye to Meredith! That’s the relationship that to me has mattered most throughout the entire series. Of course she loves her enough that she absolutely must come say goodbye one last time.

And that speech! “Don’t let his wants eclipse your needs. He is not the sun. You are.” Agggh! That was perfect. I cried and cried and cried for the entire rest of the show after Christina left.

*sigh* (from crying… and possibly being somewhat content, I suppose – even though obviously there’s a tiny hole in all of our hearts now with Christina gone).

I will keep so watching Grey’s Anatomy to see what happens to Meredith.

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