Sex and the City (The Movie) – Part 2 (Other Things I Loved About that Movie)

May 24, 2014

Picking up from yesterday –

I LOVE that the writers never made Samantha end up with anyone after all. Really, that’s my favorite thing about the Sex and the City franchise. It seems like every single show that has a woman who doesn’t want marriage ends up having that woman change her mind after all and soften when she meets the right guy.

Are women allowed to change their minds? Yeah, of course. But TV has sort of a responsibility… I get that sometimes it’s just TV and not everything is so serious. But people’s views and opinions change because of television. Look at all the people who’ve said they’ve become more comfortable with same-sex marriage because of shows like Modern Family.

So, I think that women need to be portrayed as strong. I get that plenty of women want marriage. Not every woman has to be Samantha. But they had a Charlotte on this show, and I think it was really nice that they also had a Samantha – and that they always kept her true to herself.

I know she had that commitment with Smith for a while. And I could easily believe that that would happen – she’d try it out, but it just wasn’t for her.

Finally, Big and Carrie… I don’t know. On the one hand, I get it because they love each other. On the other, he’s hurt her so many times… I’m not positive that I could trust him after all of that. But just as the scene with Carrie and Miranda says, you can’t logic out love. It doesn’t make sense. It’s based on feelings. And feelings are not always based in logic.

So, I really, really hope that in the little fictional world of Carrie Bradshaw (Preston) that her and Big truly are happy and that he finally wised up and stopped jerking her around!

We can only hope, right? But all around, great writing! Great show. Great movie. Let’s go to New York.

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