(#25) Girls on the Run 5k (Happy Hair Station)! – Part 2 (Setting Up The Happy Hair Station)

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Aurora De Lucia making a little pose at the Girls on the Run 5k (Happy hair station)Picking up from yesterday

I took a deep breath, decided to partake in the fun-ness of it all, put on a thick pink tutu (really it was two tutus worn together) and made my way to Griffith Park.

We got a tub of hair supplies, and I started setting all the cans on the table. At first it sort of seemed like a lot of cans. I wondered if we really needed to get them all out, but since we had ample space, why not?

I learned later that yes, we definitely needed them all out. We only took those seal stickers off about 1/3 of them at the beginning. I wanted to save any we didn’t use. But we totally used them all. Note to self: I shall prep that way, should I ever do this event again.

The line moves *so* fast once it all gets going that you want to be prepared as possible before you start spraying. There’s no time for sticker removing in the middle!

Once all the bottles were out of the tub, I thought it wasn’t cool to have them just strewn about the station, so I arranged them in a heart. (Yes, I know that speaks to being girly, and for someone who wrote yesterday’s post you might say, “really? a heart?” But what can I say? It’s me and I wanted to do it!)

The hair station was quite straightforward. I read the directions on the spray cans, and stood ready to spray some hair!

At first it was just one girl who came over. But before you knew it, the line was crazy! Both me and my happy hair partner at the station got into kind of our own rhythms.

I usually tried to ask for the girl’s name, then ask what color she wanted (mentioning her name in the question). Then I’d have us both do a little shake-the-can-dance. I’d spray her hair however she wanted (multiple colors, just the ponytail, etc.).

I am really trying to get better at calling people by their names more often. I think it shows a genuine interest in someone and helps to make someone feel special. I like to make people feel good, so that’s definitely a skill I’m working on.

And I tried to work on it that day… But did it pan out? Let’s talk about it tomorrow.

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