(#25) Girls on the Run 5k (Happy Hair Station)! – Part 3 (Am I Budgeting My Time Correctly Here?)

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Aurora De Lucia spraying the hair of a little girl before the Girls on the Run 5kPicking up from yesterday

We were talking about how I’m trying to use people’s names more often.

Unfortunately, I’d say that I’d grade myself at about a D on that skill this day! I usually said their name when I asked what color they wanted. But I always forgot to say it at the end of “have a great race!”

Sure, we can give excuses all day long. “Oh, the line was just moving so fast!” So, what? because the line was moving fast, there wasn’t one extra second to put a girl’s name on a sentence? Was I really all that flustered or hurried that I couldn’t say one extra word? Aye, aye, aye Aurora.

So, it was good practice, but not great results.

When it was time for the actual spraying of the hair, depending on if I thought we could hear each other, I’d ask how her training went and if it was her first race. I tried to always mention that what she’s doing is amazing and I hope she’s proud of herself and enjoys herself out on that course!

As time went on, I started to wonder if the whole trying to learn names thing and always doing the shake the can dance were wastes of times…

I mean, it’s never a waste to try to learn someone’s name. But if I was failing at using it as much as I wanted, why was I wasting the little girl’s time by asking her?

And at the beginning, we had to shake up the cans, so the shake the can dance made sense. But once we started spraying girl after girl in rapid succession, the cans were sufficiently shaken. But at that point I kind of had my routine. And it seemed like the girls enjoyed the little shake the can dance.

So, I didn’t stop the routine. I didn’t want anyone getting up there saying, “why didn’t I get to shake it?!” But I did wonder if I made the routine not as time-friendly as it should’ve been, ’cause we started to get a little slammed… It started to seem as though the line of girls was unending. And they had a race to get through! Gah!

Will we get to everyone? Let’s finish it out tomorrow!

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