(#25) Girls on the Run 5k (Happy Hair Station)! – Part 4 (Success! (and Yay for Anosmia))

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Aurora De Lucia doing the little shake the can dance at the Girls on the Run 5k Happy Hair StationPicking up from yesterday

Even though it seems I maybe wasn’t budgeting my time wonderfully, Girls on the Run was all about helping. We even had a volunteer coordinator come by to see if we needed help. My happy hair partner and I said we didn’t.

Sure, we were in kind of a rhythm (and a fun, invigorating one at that)… And there wasn’t a humongous amount of room at the table. So, I think we both were thinking, “eh, is a 3rd person really going to help or just sort of get in the way?”

But perhaps we should’ve taken help! Were we being to stubborn, or not doing a good enough job at seeing the big picture, or watching the clock/realizing how close the race was to starting? Only after the the volunteer coordinator moved on did I start to become a bit worried we weren’t going to get to everyone…

I sped up and eventually did end up scrapping the shake-the-can dance. (Sorry girls.) We finished up with the last girl just in time to get everyone on the course before the race started. We also were using our very last bottle when that happened.

So, ultimately, even though things were a little rushed at the end, it was pretty cool how the color and time wrapped out perfectly.

It was an incredibly fun station. Parents got into it. Siblings got into it. I sprayed the hair of people of all ages, and everyone loved it just the same no matter their age.

I learned that I was the absolute perfect person to do this station after my Happy Hair partner said the hardest part about the day was smelling all the chemicals for 2 hours. It didn’t even dawn on me that the smell was probably bothersome until he said something as we were packing up. Crazy. Anosmia up in the house! (I can’t really smell.)

It was a total pleasure to volunteer with Girls on the Run. While there were things I mentioned that I’d hope to do better next time, I think it was a pretty magical time. I hope the runners and parents felt the same way!

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