I’ve Got a Free Spartan Race Entry for You! (*Potentially – If You Win It ;))

June 6, 2014

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I’ve never even run a Spartan run, yet I already love them.

The Spartan people wrote me out of the blue (I love when people find me!) and they basically said –

“Hey, we want you to help us let the world know about our awesome Hawaii trifecta, and the cool stateside races we have coming up… aaaand we even want one of your readers to get to experience a Spartan Race for free! Wanna do a contest/giveaway?”

I said (in the tone of “yes of course”) “Do I?!”

So, here we are.

It is my birthday month. We are a mere 19 days away! If you’re a blog reader, you know that every year on my birthday, I try something I’ve never done before.

A little recap:
2010 – putting up a musical I’d written for a public audience (albeit, a small one ;))
2011 – shooting a gun (at a range)
2012 – trapeze-ing
2013 – SkyRobics

Since a Spartan Race is fun, tough, adventurous, and different – I thought it was only fitting that the contest should have to do with something fun (or tough, adventurous/different).

So help me start a list of wonderfully cool things to do on my birthday. Tell me things I just have to try! They can be tiny adventures I can do down the street, or huge adventures anywhere in the world. I want all kinds of options, ’cause you never know what each year holds!

(You can suggest as many options as you want.)

So, leave a comment on the blog, and whoever gives me what I believe to be the most awesome/sweet-business/unique idea wins the entry (good anytime in 2014 to any of the remaining cities they have – I’ll be running SoCal on September 13, come find me!).

What am I looking for? What defines awesome? It might not be what I do this year (after all, I only have 19 more days to plan!). It just means something cool and new I might not know about.  I didn’t know about SkyRobics until I saw it on a blog. I didn’t know about trapezing at Santa Monica Pier ’til a friend told me about it. What cool little fun gems are hanging out in this world? Help me open my mind (and my field of reference). 🙂

If there happen to be too many entries that are too darn good that I just can’t decide, I’ll put everyone’s entry in a randomizer, or hat, or something and pick at random.

So, leave me any fun adventurous idea I gotta know about! Go on. Write your comment, and get your free race entry! (You have one week to enter! So get these in by next Friday (the 13th) at 11:33pm Pacific!)

AROO! (That’s a Spartan thing :-P)

(Edited to add: If you want to know who won, that’s here.)

12 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Free Spartan Race Entry for You! (*Potentially – If You Win It ;))”

  1. Do the Nascar Experience and ride shotgun in a race car, or the Xtreme Xperienxe and you drive/race yourself in an exotic super car!

  2. Since you are a marathon runner, I’ve always wanted to do an ultra marathon. Specifically the one in Iceland. It’s called Run Iceland. It’s a 110K race over 5 days, one of those days being a marathon distance. I’ve even gotten as far as pricing the whole trip out. Maybe 2015. We shall see. That would be an awesome destination run next to a volcano. Amazing. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  3. Something fun and adventurous to is laser tag. Sure, it sounds dull and not for adults, but it’s just the opposite. My family took me to laser tag for my birthday and it was a blast. We went up against a slew of kids and I was laughing and having a great time. There are even laser tag LEAGUES for the hardcore fans who take it to another level.

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