(#28) Walk to Cure Arthritis (May 31, 2014) – Part 3 (What The Day Was Like)

Monday, June 9th, 2014
Aurora standing with a first aid kit at the Walk to Cure Arthritis Los Angeles 2014

Yep, one more slightly different picture of me with a first aid kit. 😛

Picking up from yesterday

So, what did I end up doing?

One person got injured cutting fruit before I got there. Many volunteers had to start at 4:30, but they said the medical volunteer didn’t need to come until 7 (since the walk didn’t start until 8:30)… no one took into account that the volunteers might get hurt. And one did.

It was the only actual injury of the day and I wasn’t around to help the person. (Someone did help them get bandaged up though, and the volunteer was totally fine.)

I gave band-aids to two people who had injuries from home (small scabs or cuts on their fingers) and just wanted to replace their band-aids.

One woman had the beginnings of a blister. So, I gave her a band-aid for it. We also had these special little moleskin blister patches in the first aid kit. She was actually really excited when I offered her one. So that was lovely.

Can I just admit to you that I’ve never even seen those blister patches before? As I was going through the first aid kit in the morning, I noticed them and googled them to familiarize myself, but I kind of didn’t know they existed ’til today. I found out the woman I was helping was actually a nurse herself, and she was super excited about the one I gave her. So, I’d take that to mean they probably work. I guess that means if you have blister problems, go try a moleskin patch.

One person actually requested an ice pack and Erin (the intern) leapt into action. She grabbed one of the plastic gloves out of the first aid kit and ran to one of the food areas and got ice out of their cooler. She was all over it and really thinking on her feet, which I always love seeing.

Speaking of the food area, this was one of the most well-stocked 5ks (or almost 5ks since this was 3 miles not 3.1) I’ve ever seen. The food started flowing at 7am and didn’t stop until everyone was leaving (or maybe even had left).

There were bagels (presented in beautiful baskets with individual cream cheese packets!), cookies, granola bars, chips, and more. There were even hot dogs! This place was so stocked.

I did love the hilarity of the nutrition table with a bunch of gluten-free options all around, trying to teach people tips of living with arthritis was right in front of the food tent chock full of gluten and sugar and all that jazz. I’m not against it. Heck, I had a hot dog (since I haven’t been offered a free hot dog since November 2012)! So I’m happy the food was there. I just thought the placement of the food was hilarious.

That sums it up. I’m grateful for the chill day since that means no real injuries… I just need to remember to bring a great book next time!

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