Color Me Rad 5k! – Part 1 (Pre-Race – Seriously, They Are Oh So Rad)

June 10, 2014

close up of Aurora De Lucia after getting color bombed with blue at Color Me RadI won this race entry from the Nikki’s cool blog.

(Side note: I totally had a wonderful time! I happen to also be giving away a race entry (to a different race) on my blog, and if you want to win and experience something cool for free, you should enter – before Friday :-))

Back to Color Me Rad, this race truly was Rad. First off, every interaction leading up to it was amazing. Their website is funny and adorable. I was happy to read any emails I got from them because they were cool.

This race has a personality and shows it every chance it gets. So, basically this company seems pretty much to be a master of branding.

I ended up having to change races (twice!) because of, I dunno, life or whatever – jobs or things coming up. It was a simple and easy process, and super rad of them to let people change races without any hassle.

I was almost skeptical. “How can it be possible for one place to be so incredibly cool and more customer oriented than the majority of races out there?” But however they end up making it make sense for them money-wise and stuff, apparently it works. And I know I appreciate it!

So, I ended up in the Carson, CA race this past Saturday.

And goodness gracious, I was oh so embarrassed when I got there because I’d forgotten my bib!

How does that even happen? What am I, a total newb to racing? Aye, aye, aye.

So, I, slightly mortified, slink up to the booth where people are doing race day pick-up. “Uh, I forgot my bib this morning.”

They were so cool about it. No big deal about it was made at all. They just gave me another one, no problem!

I feel like I’ve been a mess in every way possible when it came to this race, and yet Color Me Rad just sort of cradled me in their arms, taking care of it.

So, thanks y’all! (Thumbs up.)

Next to the start line, there was a big stage where a super peppy emcee was leading Zumba – Basically, this race was funny and silly and a great time (and it hadn’t even started yet).

We’ll pick up here on Thursday, because tomorrow I’m starting a new series.

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