Last Chance To Enter for a Free Spartan Race Entry!

June 12, 2014

Aurora De Lucia about to jump on a trapeze
I haven’t run a Spartan Race… yet! So, here I am about to trapeze (since that’s sort of like an obstacle – and it fits in with the theme of the contest) 😛

You have 24 hours from the time of this post to enter for your chance to win a free Spartan Race entry!

(That means you have ’til 11:33pm Pacific on Friday the 13th. (Winners will be announced on the 14th.))

In case you haven’t seen that post, I’m asking for people to give me fun, cool, new and interesting ideas for what to do on my birthday this year (since I do one new thing every year).

In case you want some tips/pointers on where we are with that – and what kind of ideas are the dopest – let’s take a look at what we’ve got going on…

My dad awesomely suggested a police ride-along. Don’t worry. I’m not going to give the free entry to my own father (even though I would oh so love to see him rock a Spartan Race)… But that was a fabulous idea! It’s something cool and totally different and interesting. I’d love to do that, and it hadn’t even crossed my mind. So, that was an awesome idea.

Now, let’s get to these comments that aren’t from my family. James suggests wine tasting. I gotta say, that’s also a pretty fabulous idea – if for no other reason because it’s a nice, quiet little activity – which is not usually me! I’m loud and a bit crazy/colorful. So, I applaud him for taking the opposite direction of me and going with something quiet. That helps to expand my human experience. So, I like it. (But I don’t really like alcohol. So, I highly doubt I’ll actually go wine tasting. But it was a nice idea, and you never know!)

Don V. suggests barefoot waterskiing. I like that one because I didn’t know barefoot was an option. Sounds cool. (I don’t know how to swim, so I won’t be doing that one anytime soon. However, I’m not holding that against anyone who suggested water-related activities, ’cause I still love to have them on my radar.

Aurora lying on a trampoline, exhausted
After my 2013 new activity – SkyRobics

Nick suggested the NASCAR Experience or  Xtreme Xperience. I thought these ideas were really nice because they’re not adventurous ideas I’ve often heard about. I didn’t even know the  Xtreme Xperience existed, and I love hearing about new things.

Alberto mentioned a cool ultra marathon I’d never heard of (Run Iceland). That sounds pretty awesome and something I’ll keep on the back burner for when I’m doing ultras.

Ashley mentioned archery, which I thought was a pretty fun and fabulous idea.

Stacey Parzik had some rocking ideas. Yoga on a paddleboard?! I’ve said before that I struggle with yoga because it’s boring to me. I don’t find it to be all that super fun. Buuuut, I know it’s really good for me, and I think if I did it on a paddleboard, I’d have to focus so much more and it’d be so much more challenging that *gasp* I might actually come to like it.

Stacey also suggested horseback riding in Griffith Park. I totally didn’t know that was a thing that happened there. She also suggested zip-lining over Venice Beach. I love that she gave me a specific idea – not just zip-lining, but telling me where a cool place would be to do it.

…However, my google search made it look as though zip-lining in Venice Beach is closed? So, that’s too bad. But, I did come across a list of “best places to zip-line.” And this one at the San Diego Zoo looks awesome!

So, that’s where things stand right now. I know there’ve been a number of good ideas, but I’d say Stacey is probably currently edging out everybody else.

Now it’s your last 24 hours to try to take the lead!

Remember, this entry can be used for any Spartan Race in 2014 – so don’t think you have to be a Californian to enter! Go here and give me your fun idea for a new adventure – and possibly win a race entry in the process! Go!

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?