Color Me Rad 5k! – Part 2 (Dressing in All White)

June 13, 2014

Aurora De Lucia posing in front of the Color Me Rad sign after the race Picking up from last time

How, oh how, did I forget to mention in the pre-race chapter the whole dressing all in white thing?!

This was something I didn’t think that much about until I realized how stressful it is for a few reasons. (Still fun, mind you – but fun and stressful, for sure.)

When I first was setting up my entry to the race, I decided to buy the white t-shirt, because why not? I was going to need a white t-shirt anyway, might as well buy theirs. (This is another brilliant idea by Color Me Rad, by the way. They seem so smart over there!)

So, I figured, okay. I got my t-shirt. I’m good.

But as I got closer to the race and started planning what I was going to wear and such, I realized “uh, wait a second. People can sort of see through white. And I have no white undergarments – none.” (Why would I, right? White is kind of boring… but I guess it can go under a lot of stuff.)

So, this is the first reason why it’s stressful to wear white – you have to worry about what you’re wearing underneath.

Aurora De Lucia stands on one foot on her toes, posing at the Color Me Rad sign
(Yes, this is quite similar to the last photo, but I did a bit of relevé here. I liked both poses. So, I put ’em both in!)

I also realized “hmm, what pants am I planning to wear to this part-ay? ‘Cause I also don’t have white pants. (You can see the stress building, right? ;))

So, I headed to Target. I did find an actually somewhat cute white bra. (High five, Target and Barely There.)

Then it was on to finding some white bottoms. There were pure white shorts. But I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m so not wearing shorts. There were some cute white flowy skirts I considered. After all, it is just a 5k. But ultimately, I decided I wanted pants pants pants.

There were no totally white pants – at least from what I saw. So, I shrugged and went with cream-colored pants. (I could’ve gone to other stores, but cha’mon now. (There’s not enough time in the day sometimes.))

So, I made do with cream-colored pants, knowing they should still show color pretty well. The pants were thick enough I didn’t even have to worry about getting white underwear (score).

Okay, so I have the clothing. Tomorrow, I’m gonna talk about a few more concerns with all-white clothing (*shakes head* I know, life’s rough…).

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