Color Me Rad 5k! – Part 4 (The Start (and My Personal Improvement – Yay))

June 17, 2014

Aurora De Lucia running through yellow coloring at Color Me RadPicking up from yesterday

So I’m at the start line. People are already throwing color on themselves. Of course you can follow whatever fun coloring strategies you want, but mine was to wait and be blasted by the fun volunteers. Why pour pre-color on yourself? You only have to wait about 5 more minutes! Patience is a virtue, y’all.

Still, I was more than happy to take residual color from people’s silliness. After all – that’s what I was there to do.

And it actually was pretty cool that so many people had little color bombs because even though some people jumped the gun a bit (you know who you are), others waited. And when there was the countdown to the start – 3, 2, 1… (I know you know what a countdown is – just setting up the moment here) – pow, pow, pa-pow, tons of color was splashed everywhere into the air!

It was cool to see it all going up at once, then floating down on us. So, I guess what I’m saying is thank goodness for the people I was just calling out for having color in the start corral.

Jogging this 5k felt so great. I remember when I started this blog, struggling so much to not have to walk at all – during a 5k. Now I’m shooting for that in half marathons. So, it’s really nice to see and feel my growth.

I can actually literally feel my body changing (not just a warm feeling inside of “wee, I’m doing better!). I’ve been taking this class called Bar Method. It is tough, fabulous, and probably my favorite workout class I’ve ever taken. And I am actually starting to have some muscles!

I know it’s hard to believe since I never used to have any upper-body strength whatsoever, but it’s so true! When I run now, I can feel a denser, tighter, leaner girl jogging along – and that makes it easier! (Being dense doesn’t make it easier of course, I suppose lol – I certainly still need to lose some pounds… I guess I still want to be dense, but in a much more awesomely tiny way.)

But being stronger helps because my upper-body is now cool enough to hold itself up without issue. I’m not bending over at the waist, trying to rely solely on my legs.

So, yay for running feeling better. It’s a slow journey, but it is a forward-moving one. That’s for sure. (Yee haw!)

I’ll pick up here after we talk about kidneys tomorrow.

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