Color Me Rad 5k! – Part 5 (What Is Color Me Rad Like?)

June 19, 2014

Aurora De Lucia running along at Color Me RadPicking up from last time

I’ve talked all about me – my struggle with the outfit, my personal triumph of running stronger now, and all that jazz.

Now that we’ve talked on and on and on all about me for 4 posts, let’s actually get into what Color Me Rad itself was like.

They had a super excitable emcee leading everyone through Zumba before the race. I was in the first heat, so there were still people partying by the stage as I took off.

I didn’t see any mile markers, but I also didn’t think of this as a race I was dying to get through. I just thought of it as a fun little jog, so I was never really focusing on “what mile am I on?”

There were three color stations. So, I wondered if maybe those represented the miles. I have no idea.

There was only one real bottleneck when we were in the Stubhub Center. The running area got a lot more narrow, and on top of that, everyone stopped for pictures in the stadium. But, it didn’t bother me or anyone around me since the whole deal with doing a color run is letting go and not caring about your time or getting anywhere quickly.

Aurora giving a little posey pose at Color Me RadThere was only one thing I was annoyed with in the whole race… A guy was running with his dog! Hey dog guy, I read the FAQs before the race. They say no dogs allowed. I know you love your dog, but there are some places he doesn’t belong. This is one of them.

Other than that, things were pretty magical. There were tons of volunteers who seemed to be having a great time splashing color on all of us.

There was one area where you run through people spraying you with water. (I think it was water – some kind of wet substance.) I wondered why they would put us through water, because I thought that’d make the color wash off. However, I learned that areas where I’d sweat (aka the insides of my elbows) held color possibly better than anything else. So, maybe they were spritzing us to stick? Who knows. (Some people do, but I’m not one of them.)

There was a guy who ran around with a huge box of color, showering everyone around him. He seemed super fun.

Running through the color areas were cool. There was also this moment of “oh my gosh, this is there the photographers are. I can’t see anything! How am I posing? Am I posing okay?” I felt like I was in some really mild challenge “America’s Next Top Model” challenge or something.

I thought the pictures turned out pretty nicely. I’d wondered if the promotional pictures are just the very best of the best and everyone else’s just look like a big colored mess, but the pictures looked nice. Kudos to the photographers who know how to rock this race.

At the end, there was a big color bomb at the finish, led by the ever-energetic emcee. It was fun. It was just fun. I loved having such a fun morning, and I’d definitely do this race again.

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