I Met Hillary Rodham Clinton! – Part 5 (Waiting for the Wristband)

June 27, 2014

staff from The Grove handing out coffee to people at Hillary Clinton's book signing (June 19, 2014)
People from The Grove marketing team handing out coffee to people

Picking up from last time

So, I hung out a bit with Kris in the line. We wondered aloud whether we were close enough to meet her (though we believed we were). We kept hearing different numbers as far as wristbands went. Some people thought they were going to give 400. Some people thought they were going to give 1000. None of us really knew.

But the smallest number we heard was 400. So, where were we in the line? Were we going to be able to make it happen?

Kris went around the corner to count. We were about 175. Not too shabby. We were fairly confident.

We ended up befriending Greg (behind Kris). Greg had worked in politics for a long time. It was actually a very interesting line to be a part of because I kept overhearing all these wonderful conversations about policy, my favorite politicians, and stories of people who’d worked in the biz. Granted, what else should I have expected from the line to met Hillary Clinton?

I didn’t think about it until I got there, but once I was there, I was actually slightly intimidated. Was I going to be able to keep up with all these smarties? I’m happy to say that as far as I can tell I held my own. *high five*

I brought my computer and was a little preoccupied during some of our hours of waiting. I certainly still engaged and listened and had a good time. But I also still had to do some work. That was the deal I made with my boss. I could go and have the time of my life, but I needed to do my best to still be on emails and getting at least some things done, if possible.

So, we wait and wait, conversate, get lost in our technology for a bit, then continue being friends, and on and on.

(Yes, I know conversate is not actually a word. However, I like how it sounded with wait. And, because it’s used so often, it actually appears in some dictionaries now! What up, Holmes?)

As the morning goes on, people from The Grove (the shopping center where the Barnes and Noble is) bring everyone in line coffee and water! What? How nice was that?

As we’re waiting, we start to notice more and more people showing up and getting in front of us because they had friends saving their place. Greg starts to say he’s seen this too many times before. You think you’re at a certain place in a line. Before you know it, you’re twice or three times as far back and get shut out of an event…

We started taking bets on how far back we thought we were now.

Just before 8am approached, I went to count.

This is where we’ll pick up next time.

(p.s. I love and adore Hillary Clinton, and can’t wait to finish this story. But we have *so* much to talk about, I need to put it on pause for a bit to get through the blind mud run and my birthday. Sorry ’bout that. Thanks for being cool about it (I’m assuming)! :-))

2 thoughts on “I Met Hillary Rodham Clinton! – Part 5 (Waiting for the Wristband)”

  1. I really want to know why you wanted to meet her in the first place!! You obviously haven’t done any research. Remember Whitewater? What qualifications does she have other than being the wife of an over sexted former president and being appointed to positions that were only politically given to her for her support of our jerkobama. Get your head out of the I MET HILLARY cloud !

    1. Hey Anonymous. I think if I had to give a very broad overview of why I love Hillary Rodham Clinton, it’s because she is a champion for human rights. She is extremely strong and doesn’t care about making people angry if it serves whatever she believes is truly right. Plus, she has sacrificed everything to try to help us (Americans). I appreciate her for that. I also thought this little article about 65 reasons to love her for her 65th birthday is so lovely: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/26/hillary-clinton-birthday_n_2012001.html

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