Irvine Lake “Summer of Mud” Obstacle Course Run – Blindfolded! (June 21, 2014) – Part 1 (Signing Up & Sort Of Prepping)

June 28, 2014

Aurora De Lucia posing blindfolded before running the Irvine Lake Summer of Mud obstacle course mud runWhat?!

Yes, indeed. I completed the 3 1/2-ish mile obstacle course run while blindfolded!

(I say “ish” because the FAQs say longer than a 5k, shorter than 4 miles. Anyway, an over-3-mile run…)

“Why would you want to run it blindfolded?” – you’re possibly wondering.

The moment I found out this opportunity existed, I knew I just had to do it. It sounded different, interesting, cool, wonderful. It sounded like an experience – one I really wanted to – practically needed to – try!

I’d been looking on for volunteer opportunities when I read about this charity – Blind Start – looking for people to run with blindfolded runners, as guides. I thought, “run as a guide?! Forget that! How do I become a blindfolded runner?!” (Sure, it sounds fun in it’s own way and everything. But I must do a blindfolded obstacle course mud run now that I know this is a thing.)

Blindstart is a 501(c)3 charity whose missing is to “help blind and visually impaired persons learn and develop job skills to enable them to ultimately lead lives of independence.” So, they gave this opportunity to runners to go blindfolded with a guide so we could physically understand what it would be like to tackle the course if we were blind.

Aurora with a "blind runner" sign on her back before the Lake Irvine obstacle course mud runI’d never done an obstacle course race before. This was definitely the way to start!

So, I signed up, chose the option of blindfolded runner, and got pumped.

I would say I got ready – but what did I really do to get ready? Nothing.

I thought “eh, 3 miles? Pretty confident I could do that in my sleep, Holmes.” As far as the obstacles were concerned – what? We do a bit of crawling and climbing? I can probably do that. I go to Bar Method. It’s only 3 miles! How many obstacles could there be?

As far as the being blind part was concerned, Blind Start had a few practices available for the blindfolded runners. I asked if it would be okay if I weren’t able to make it. They said it wasn’t a problem as far as they were concerned – as long as I didn’t mind going out blind. (Good use of my words there, right?)

I definitely didn’t mind. I thought it’d be fun to experience it for the first time on the actual course. (And oh, was it ever.)

The only thing I really did to get ready was putting my stuff together, and I got a big ol’ F as my grade on that – which is what we’ll talk about Monday night (after Sunday night kidney stories).

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