Irvine Lake “Summer of Mud” Obstacle Course Run – Blindfolded! (June 21, 2014) – Part 3 (Yeah, We’re Still Talking About the Outfit – Pants & Shoes)

July 1, 2014

Aurora sliding down into the side of a muddy pitPicking up from yesterday –

I had my shirt all ready to go. Now I needed my pants. As one might suspect, vanity was my downfall here. Ah vanity, getting me every time.

My thought was, “You’re gonna be covered in mud and water and everything. Don’t wear pants that are too tight in any places, because when you’re sopping, any tight areas are going to be revealed.”

This was a horrendous thought process. I did indeed wear a nice loose set of pants – with heavy fabric – and they felt like they were gonna fall down on the course multiple times! What kind of genius goes to a mad run in the heaviest (and some of the loosest) pants they have?

Wear thin fabrics that aren’t going to weigh you down so much, Aurora. Wear pants that fit snugly and aren’t going to keep partially sliding off as you go up and down and all around crazy obstacles. Aye, aye, aye.

At least I made a nice decision with my shoes. I’d tried on these Brooks Dyads at an expo once, and I loved them. But I didn’t have the money in my budget to buy them at that expo. So, a few months later I ordered them online. However, there was some update or something that slightly changed them. They didn’t work as well for me with the change.

I didn’t want to waste perfectly good shoes. So I’ve worn them sometimes for non-marathon training type things, but I knew they were never going to be wildly useful shoes to me… until… (duh, duh, duh – *triumphant chords*) Irvine Lake Mud Run!

Aurora De Lucia trying to make it through the mud as a blindfolded runner at the Irvine Lake Mud Run Summer of Mud 2014Nice sturdy shoes that really are overall good shoes (even if not my marathon shoe of choice) that won’t be wasted by only wearing them one more time, but also won’t be missed if I never see them again – these are definitely the ones to go with. *Correct-shoes-on-hand dance*

As far as why the Kanye shirt ended up being moot – it didn’t really dawn on me that all the people running for Blindstart would be wearing the same shirt. Truthfully, I didn’t even totally know that we were just one group within the race – as opposed to it being a Blindstart race – until I gleaned it from the emails as the day got closer.

I’m not used to wearing a race shirt given to me at the race on race day – because I know the rules… the unwritten race rules – only newbs wear the race shirt before they complete the race… but I didn’t count on getting an extra charity shirt, ’cause I haven’t done a lot of running with charities.

So, that’s how the clothes came together. Uh, but how am I going to transport them? How many bags and towels and things do you need for a mud run? Oh goodness. That’s up next.

(P.s. I’m sorry to keep starting and stopping stories, but we have to talk about my birthday before we get a million years away from June. So, let’s explore that. And then let’s come back to this and Hillary Clinton. Thanks!)

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