Police Ride-Along! (June 25, 2014’s Something New) – Part 2 (The Early Morning – Getting Ready & Getting to the Station)

July 5, 2014

Aurora De Lucia with her grr face getting ready for her ride-along
When my dad texted to wish me luck on my ride-along, I texted this back to him, saying “Officer De Lucia is getting ready to walk the beat! Grrr ;)”

Picking up from yesterday –

So, on the night of June 24th, I slept over at a friend’s place who lives in Santa Monica – since my ride-along was at 3am, and being in Santa Monica already would be a lot more convenient than being in downtown.

My lovely, sweet, wonderful friend from work put me straight to bed immediately after work, so I could try to get as much sleep as possible. He dozed off on the couch, letting me have his humongous bed all to myself. (Aww. Sweet, right?)

I woke up bright and early (even before my alarm, as though my body clock was ready, baby!).

I got dressed in my cool civilian superhero duds. Officer Holloway even picked me up on the way to the station – full service treatment over here!

As I waited for him to get there, I gently woke up my friend and told him it was time to move into the bed. (I would’ve just tried to carry him, but you know, still working on that upper-body strength.)

Once we got to the station, I signed my life away on one of those big, scary release forms – though I wasn’t really all that worried. I got to meet the sergeants working (since the ride-along forms were in their area).

They seemed nice and funny. In fact, there was a half eaten birthday cake from someone else’s celebration, and we joked how they’d prepared for me – even getting me a cake. Hardy-har-har. 😉

After that, I went to the police officers’ area where they had their desks and computers and things. Officer Holloway went to change, and I met some of the other people who’d be out on the beat.

There was a bulletin board in the room with some people to watch out for, who were armed and dangerous and such. So, that was good to know to be on the lookout for those guys.

And that bulletin board will play a part in the next part of the story, which I’ll talk about Monday (after Sunday’s kidney installment).

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