Police Ride-Along! (June 25, 2014’s Something New) – Part 3 (Aurora Sticks Her Foot in Her Mouth)

July 7, 2014

Aurora laughing with a walkie talkie in a police cruiserPicking up from last time –

So, we’re at the station. And I’m reading the bulletin board… Aye, aye, aye.

I probably should just gloss over this part, because why admit when I embarrass myself? But, embarrassment is part of life. Plus, if I never talk about when I embarrass myself, what would I ever talk about, right?

So, I’m reading the bulletin board. There’s this thing on there about this guy who killed his whole family decades ago. He’s now in his 80s. A $100,000 reward is being offered for his capture.

A sculptor was even brought in to make a bust that would show what the guy probably looks like now after all these years.

Now, of course it’s absolutely terrible that he killed his family. Obviously, it’s horrible. There are no words to describe that tragedy.

But, I started wondering out loud why so much effort is going into finding one person… I wouldn’t think there’s a loved one of a victim behind it because the whole family’s dead… I’m sure they had friends and things, so maybe those people are still carrying this torch.

At first I didn’t assume friendship would be that strong to still be pushing hard after decades, but friendship is amazing. So, maybe.

Also, I’m just sort of curious why the FBI is putting a lot of work into a guy who – as far as they’ve mentioned in the paper – hasn’t killed again, and isn’t suspected of any other crimes…

Aurora in the passenger seat, sticking her head outside a police cruiserI thought that was sort of the point of getting criminals off the street – making sure more people don’t get hurt. I’m of the mindset that if this dude totally snapped, he’s probably dead by this point if he still isn’t captured.

Maybe not. What do I know? Maybe he’s living the high life on some island somewhere. But I just figured there have to be more current criminals who are in the midst of sprees and horrible things I don’t even want to think about.

I very stupidly mentioned that on Criminal Minds they’ve said in different episodes that people have stopped killing when they’re too old because it’s so physically taxing.

And this officer is all “oh, ’cause TV always gets it right!”

This was in the middle of a back and forth, ’cause he already started in on me when I was wondering why so much energy is being put into someone who doesn’t sound like a big current risk…

He tells me about how justice is important! It doesn’t matter how much time has passed. People need to pay for their crimes. And then I start feeling horrible, ’cause he’s all “what if it had been your loved one who’d died?”

And I tried to dig myself out of the hole like, “well, I just meant – ” And of course if I tried to say anything else, my foot just went deeper and deeper in my mouth.

It was rough. And I was in the wrong. And I shouldn’t act so nonchalant about any criminals. And I felt so bad!

Thankfully, Officer Holloway could see how bad I felt and only playfully ribbed my about it instead of putting me in time out of anything…

And we’ll go out on the actual beat tomorrow!

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