Police Ride-Along! (June 25, 2014’s Something New) – Part 5 (Stop at the Station & Meeting T)

July 10, 2014

Aurora laughing while leaning against a police cruiserPicking up from last time –

So, the homeless guy throwing spirits, when asked for his ID, gave a printout of a previous arrest report!

Do you find that funny? Because I pretty much do.

He was given another citation – which he tore up right in front of us. Technically, I think he could’ve then been given another one for littering, but the police officers didn’t give him any more.

When he was told he had to leave the premises, he started stashing away his cardboard box in the bush behind him. The officers were like, “yeah, don’t do that… Ya can’t treat this closed property as your home.”

We had to make a stop by the station to write up a quick PCD on someone who’d been arrested the night before – since a judge needed to review his case today. A PCD, by the way, is a probable cause declaration, explaining why someone’s been arrested. Isn’t that cool that I’m learning police lingo?

While we at the station, I see some of the officers I met earlier that morning have also come back because they’re measuring out drugs in the evidence room. Somebody got busted.

Officer Holloway fills out the PCD. Then we get back on our way.

That’s when we meet our new friend. I’m not sure that I should give his name on the blog,, so I’ll call him T.

He was lying on the sidewalk. He seemed a bit disoriented (though I guess wouldn’t we all if we’d just been woken up). But we found out he drank a lot – so I think that was part of it. He had some abrasions on his forehead, and we thought he might’ve fallen – possibly due to his bad knee, or to alcohol.

We found out he was a veteran who’d served in the Navy for literally decades. (I know. It’s a morning full of sadness, as we’d suspected it might be.)

Officer Holloway told him he’d really like to take him to the VA, have T’s forehead and knee examined. T didn’t have that much faith. “I’ve been to the VA before. They’re not helpful!” But the officer tried to explain that the VA is under a lot of scrutiny now and maybe it would be a helpful place.

Think we could perhaps get him to go with us? Let’s find out tomorrow.

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