I Met Hillary Clinton! – Part 7 (Getting the Wristband, and Killing Time Before the Second Line)

July 15, 2014

Aurora posing with Hillary Clinton wristband and book before a book signing at The GrovePicking up from yesterday –

Barnes and Noble had a smart idea – bringing Starbucks downstairs, hoping to grab some pastry sales out of people…. However, I didn’t see a single person buy anything from Starbucks. We were all far too excited about/focused on the book – the book, the book, the book, the book. Just give me that wristband, Holmes!

We snaked around the makeshift line until finally it was my turn to walk up there. The cashier handed me a book, I happily handed over my debit card. Then it was time! He wrapped that blue band around my wrist.

I had it. I had my ticket in to meet Hillary Clinton! (Hillary Clinton!)

This horrible idea flashed through my head of mobs outside corner people and cutting off wristbands, stealing them, selling them on the black market. (That didn’t happen as far as I know.) But I walked around protecting my wrist from any pirates/vigilantes/whoever may come my way, as though I had the most precious of treasures on it – because of course, I did.

After getting the wristband, we all had about 2 hours to kill at The Grove. This was such a weird little time-stands-still type of thing. We’d amped up all morning to get our wristbands. Finally, sweet success! And then we sit and do nothing before it’s time to join the next line.

Of course, it was nice of them to make it so we didn’t have to wait in line the whole time. Here’s the way they did it – each wristband had a letter on it. (Mine was i.) As long as you came back before the book signing started at 11:30, you got to line up with your letter. So, they gave us freedom so everyone could eat, use the bathroom, check bags – whatever they needed to do.

Eating at the Farmer’s Market felt like old times because I used to work very close by, and loved getting omelettes there – which is exactly what I did while I waited.

Basically every person I saw was wearing a blue wristband, which I found a little funny and cute. We were all these separate people who were sort of united by this one event – giving a little smile or a nod – Oh yeah. We’re gonna meet Hillary Rodham Clinton today. Cool huh? *tips hat* Have a great meeting, stranger.

I heard from someone behind a counter that business really picked up that morning. That doesn’t surprise me since I’m sure everyone was hungry and no one knew what to do for two hours.

We probably should’ve gone for some super jog as a huge pack. But, I think people were tired. And hungry. So instead we all sat and ate. (Wah wah.)

Soon enough, it was time to start heading back to the line to meet her!

This is where I’ll pick up next time.

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