I Met Hillary Rodham Clinton! – Part 8 (Checking a Bag, Getting in the Next Line)

July 17, 2014

people waiting outside Barnes and Noble for hHillary Rodham Clinton
just another view of another line as we do some waitin’

Picking up from last time –

After breakfast, I stopped by the concierge desk to check my bag. (I had no idea that was even a thing you could do at The Grove, so that was an interesting little tidbit to me.)

We’d been warned we wouldn’t be allowed in Barnes & Noble if we had a bag. This turned out to totally be a lie because Barnes & Noble had their own bag check. It was nice of them to have an option for people who didn’t read it on the website or hear about it in the line announcements.

Of course some people were all, “well, why did I have to check my bag when there’s a bag check right here?” But the Grove bag check was oh so close to Barnes & Noble, so it didn’t hurt us in any way to have to do that. And there was no way Barnes & Noble could’ve checked every person’s bag in that line. So it was smart to have their check for practically emergencies only. I liked that they had a fail safe for people just in case the info didn’t get to every person.

Okay, we’ve been talking about bag checks for far too long, so let’s move on.

I go to get back in line with my letter. As I’m walking across The Grove, backpack-less, thinking about how I was going to meet Hillary Clinton, I felt amazing. There was something wonderful about that moment – being so present. Not being weighed down by anything (literally (without my backpack) or figuratively). I felt almost empowered and definitely excited.

I arrived by Top Shop – I thought we lined up in the same place as we did in the morning. So, I walked over and started asking what letter was in that area. Someone answered, “oh, we’re in line to buy the book.”

What?! It’s 11am. They started selling the book 3 hours ago. There are still people waiting just to get wristbands? How many people are circling through today?

(At some point, Barnes & Noble ran out of blue wristbands, and started giving orange away to people – in case there was still time once all the blue wristbanders had been seen.)

I went and found my letter group immediately, because I saw my new friends there whom I’d waited with that morning. We talked for a while.

I know we’re not supposed to be talking about 2016 yet, but we did talk about the possibility of a Clinton/Warren ticket. I think that’d be spectacular. I was of the mindset that America wasn’t ready, but Greg told me to have more faith.

So we wait and wait and talk and talk. Then the line begins to move!

This is where I’ll pick up next time.

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