I Met Hillary Rodham Clinton! – Part 9 (All We Wanted Were Photos With Her! (But Alas, We Could Not Get Them…))

July 18, 2014

people taking pictures from the back of the line to meet Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Grove in Los AngelesPicking up from last time –

The line moves. We get closer and closer to turning the corner.

We talk a little about what we’re expecting, what we’re going to say to her, and all that jazz. I’m pretty stuck on the idea that the only thing I want is a picture. There has to be a way to get a picture. Doesn’t there?

We’d already heard that you are allowed to bring cameras in. You can take pictures from a certain spot in line, but you must put your camera away before you go up to the table to meet her.

We start pondering, “Well, if we stagger a little, could we try to turn around as we’re walking out a grab a picture?”

Can I just tell you my brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea? I think there should’ve been a photographer at the edge of the table – getting that special side shot of Hillary shaking your hand, where you’re both visible and you can see your hands touching!

That would’ve been a priceless possession for every person in the line. I think close to everyone would’ve bought one – and we would’ve paid a premium price. You could’ve charged $40 (maybe even more!) for a photo. Let’s guess that 800 people went through (though it really could’ve been fewer or more – what do I know?), but if we were to estimate 800 people buying photos – that’s $32,000!

I think they missed out on some money there.

And it’s not like she didn’t want to be photographed. They had news crews there getting the raw footage of everyone walking through. They allowed us to take pictures until we were almost at the table. (I think the main reason they cut it off at the table was so as not to slow down the line with selfies and such.)

So, where’s your official event photographer, Madame Secretary?

In line, we were talking about how Cory Booker had an official photographer to catch moments of everyone meeting him. The photos were sort of expensive. And guess what? I bought ’em! He’s Cory Booker. I cherish my photos from that night. One of them is my freaking iPhone background!

No disrespect to Cory Booker or anything, but if I had a freaking photo with Hillary Clinton, that’d be the one you see on my phone. (Sorry, Cory. Still adore you!)

Buuuuut, precious, precious, Hillary – when you don’t give us photos, we keep our Cory Booker ones up. How do you feel about that? When we get warm fuzzies about a great Democratic leader, who’s the one you want us to be thinking about? I’m just saying…

This is where I’ll pick up next time. (Btw, this story is getting quite long. And we have oh so much to talk about that you’re gonna need to wait a bit for me to write about some other things, before we get back to this. :-P)

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