I Met Hillary Rodham Clinton! – Part 13 (I Met Her, I Met Her, I Met Her!)

July 24, 2014

Hillary Clinton smiling at her book signing in Los Angeles, California at The Grove
This was the best picture I snuck from my little pocket camera.

Picking up from last time –

The guy doesn’t even have to say “phones in pockets” to me – or really anyone around me. We’d all heard it enough by this point. We knew before we got to him to put our phone in our pockets.

I can’t even begin to imagine how awkwardly I was walking, trying to make sure the little camera of my phone was sticking out of my pants, but that my jacket didn’t accidentally cover it – and that my thighs didn’t hit the button to stop recording. So much to think about! I was walking so stiffly… yet no one called me out. So, I must’ve been walking normally enough!

So, I walked over. She looked me in the eye, shook my hand, aaaand she even complimented me! She said she loved my red leather jacket! (That’s why the whole “I left my clothes – I have to get my clothes” thing mattered.)

(Also, I’ve wondered on this blog before if in brief interactions I have with new girls, if it’s okay to compliment their clothes since that’s the least important thing about them – but Hillary Clinton did it! So, that’s one in the column for “sure it’s okay.”)

And in a moment, it was all over.

It was hilarious to me that all we’d done was briefly met this human being – granted, an incredible strong, exceptional, fabulous, amazing and wonderful human being – but a human nonetheless. So, we’d met this human for about 10 seconds, and yet we were all shaking with our giddiness as we walked out of the store.

She’s Hillary Clinton. What else is there to say, really?

Hillary Clinton shaking hands with a fan at her book signing in Los Angeles, CA
slightly jelly of this photo of her and Kris. 😛

People have asked me if anything about my teeny tiny interaction with her would lead me to believe she could indeed run again. Of course, what do I really know after 10 seconds? But I will say she seemed energetic, engaging, strong… I don’t see any reason why she wouldn’t be fit to run.

I know it’s been mentioned in this series before, but she is Hillary Clinton! Of course she can run. She can do anything!

Final little side note: As I looked through the video to see if I caught anything at all, I am so wildly happy that I can hear her talking to me. But, I must admit, I’m slightly jelly of the person in front of me, because I caught a shot of him shaking her hand!

You can hear her call him by name, and you can see their hands touch. How can I not be at least slightly jealous of that? I’m so very pleased that I was able to get that for someone else. That makes me feel so good. ‘Cause he was *so* excited. So, overall, I definitely have way more positive feelings outweighing my slight jealousy.

At least I know a good plan for trying to get pictures should I ever go to another Hillary Clinton event like this! 🙂

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