That Time I (Hopefully) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 17 (Big Kidney Day! – Visitors Are Serious Business)

August 3, 2014

Aurora giving a big smile in front of a blood pressure machine
Having fun in front of a blood pressure machine.

Picking up from last time

So, in the big kidney talk, the various medical professionals had touched on visiting hours and when people would be able to see you.

I remember visitors being such a thing at Mass General, and me not wanting my parents there because they were way too worried. Ultimately, my parents respected that decision.

But in the interim, the social worker there had (as I mentioned before) been SO understanding. “Whatever you want, we can do. We can reduce your visiting hours, make your room visitor free, whatever you need.”

I almost asked in the big morning kidney talk with the doctors and nurses – if something like that were to become necessary, was it offered here at OSU. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to be a pain in the butt, or make a big stink about it. I knew that the people in Ohio would all respect my wishes.

I also thought that since this surgery is elective – I’m choosing/scheduling it on my terms, instead of having it disrupt my life – and since I’m not sick, just helping someone else… maybe I’ll have a different attitude this time!

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll try out having visitors. I like the people who’d come visit me. So why not? It could be fun!

So, I didn’t make a huge stink about it. But the more I’m getting backed into a corner in this social worker interview, the more I don’t want to have anyone visit me ever! And it was disappointing, because I thought this surgery might be an opportunity for me to try something new by having visitors. Maybe I would love that.

But if you’re going to force them on me, and act like someone always has to be in my room – I’m a stubborn girl and I’m gonna want to be alone now, if for no other reason, just to show you I can be happy in a way you’re acting as though I can’t be.

I know it’s not very Cory Booker-like of me to want to go against someone (to potentially my own detriment if I’m missing out on a cool experience) simply because that person is being really mean to me.

But what can I say? I’m not Cory Booker. I want to be able to be a patient and recover in the ways that are right for me! I just want to be respected. I’m totally on board with needing someone to drive me there and home. But making sure I have visitors everyday? Can you slow your roll, please?

Also, when I asked why someone needed to be there for the actual surgery itself – she actually told me that having a visitor during surgery is just as important as any of their other requirements… that if someone doesn’t show up during your surgery, the hospital treats that just as seriously as if you showed up with drugs in your system. They would not perform the surgery if you did not have someone present.

Are you kidding me?! You’re literally not going to perform surgery if I don’t have a visitor show up to be present for the part where they can’t even see me, or help me, or do any good whatsoever?! You’re telling me it’s as serious as drugs in my system, but you still never say why?!

What’s funny is that I’m angry about this and everything, but this is nothing in comparison to my interview with the psychologist. So, get ready for that soon enough.

Anyway, I’ll pick up here on Wednesday.

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