(#29a) AIDS LifeCycle Finish Line (June 7, 2014)

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Aurora shrugging with a not much to do faceYet again, I call this a (of a and b (and actually in c in this case)) because I gotta do another activity, since I went home early from this one.

I went straight after Color Me Rad, and felt a little weird with color all up in my hair. But I figured, “it’s a party here too, so why not?” (That was actually the exact same attitude the volunteer coordinator had about it – before I even said anything.)

The main reason I wanted to volunteer with this event was because at some point, I really want to participate in this event! I found out about it back when I did my first bike ride, and have had it in the back of my mind ever since. So when the opportunity to volunteer came up, I thought that’d be an awesome way to get a feel for the finish.

I’ll say this. The ride was so staffed, and was run by people who were so on top of everything that if I were a ride, I’d feel nothing but love and such. I absolutely still want to ride. It looks absolutely spectacular!

But as a volunteer, I’d asked if I could come a little late. They said that’d by fine. But by the time I got there, there was nothing else that was needed.

They gave me a shirt (that I now feel bad for wearing since I didn’t do much). They gave me a delicious volunteer lunch. (It was super nice of them that they fed the volunteers – and with healthy and vegetarian options even.)

They looked around for something for me to do. There were a few of us who didn’t really have a station to tend to. One volunteer walked around to literally every area to see if any captain needed any more help. And not a single one did.

So, we kinda hung out. One of the volunteer coordinators suggested we go cheer so at least we were doing something. I went over to the finish to cheer. I like to think of myself as an awesome enthusiastic cheerer. But there was a whole cheer squad tumbling and such. Even the cheers were more than taken care of.

Cheerleaders cheering at AIDS LifeCycleI walked around a bit, seeing if there was trash to pick up. I looked sauntered by some other stations. (Of course they were still full – and the captains I overheard were taking care of their volunteers like crazy. “Hey, you’ve been working hard. How ’bout you take a break.” “Here, I brought over some water for you.”

The atmosphere was awesome. Everybody there seemed incredible. I contemplated sticking around to see if maybe at some point they might be able to use me for something. But they were so well covered, and I had plenty of work to do on various projects. So, I hopped on a bus and headed home. (Wah wah.)

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