My Feelings So Far on 52 Volunteer Activities – Part 1 (An Interesting, Enlightening, and Worthwhile Project)

August 22, 2014

Aurora De Lucia giving a huge smile while opening a box at Trash for TeachingI’m more than halfway through my 52 volunteer activities project. So, I wanted to check in with how I’m feeling, how it’s going, and all that jazz.

This has been a worthwhile project for me, and overall it’s been enjoyable.

I’ve learned a lot. For instance, I’ve learned about more problems than I really knew existed (such as the incredible lack of phys ed in many schools), and I’ve learned about many cool organizations (that I also didn’t really know existed) working to solve those various problems (such as Trash for Teaching which melds sustainability with creativity).

I’ve gotten to push myself in new and cool ways. I uprooted dead trees and painted kids’ faces – things I don’t have experience doing. So, that was wonderful.

I found out about some awesomely cool stuff I’d never heard of before – such as ice cream made without using a freezer (in a responsible, sustainable, and delicious way), and a game made for blind people that’s mesmerizing to watch.

So, basically, wow! What an interesting and fulfilling year it’s been thus far.

Aurora De Lucia in a police cruiser pretending to talk on a walkie talkieIt’s also been interesting to me to think more about various issues. I fed the homeless, but then on my police ride-along, I heard that’s not really all that helpful. (So the questions start to come up of what is really doing good?)

I also was very happy to help an organization I strongly believe in, but I did it by doing girls’ hair. That made me question, am I really helping to empower women by doing their hair? Or am I playing into stereotypes?

So, there’s been a lot of questioning, reflecting, learning, and basically all sorts of good stuff going on for me this year.

I don’t know if I always get the answers right, or if perhaps sometimes I maybe even ask too many questions (though I think that’s almost an impossibility). But it’s been interesting for sure.

While this has been generally the good stuff, I have some other stuff to say about this project tomorrow.

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