That Time I (Hopefully) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 23 (Big Kidney Day! – Setting The Scene With The Psychologist)

August 24, 2014

Aurora making a face in a medical office
Why yes, I do in fact have one more selfie in the medical office after my CT with contrast with my rosy cheeks and all because I love making faces… and I am hardcore runnin’ out of photos, y’all!

Picking up from yesterday –

Oh goodness. Let me set the scene.

I literally felt like I was on a reality show. You know how on reality shows they keep contestants on weird schedules, and don’t let them sleep, and they feed them as little as possible, and the producer feeds them a bunch of leading questions in interviews, and all that jazz – basically everyone behind the show just doing their best to push contestants to the brink to be as emotional as humanly possible to make for great TV?

That’s what I felt they were doing to me!

I had some test I had to do after all these meetings for which I had to be fasting. So I hadn’t gotten to eat all day. (And if you’re wondering why I didn’t just eat first thing in the morning because I still could’ve had 8 hours – it’s because I’d been told I had some other blood test in the middle of this day for which I also had to be fasting. So, there was no time of the day when I wasn’t fasting for one of them.)

So, I wasn’t allowed to eat during this entire Big Kidney Day. The day started super early in the morning. I’d been asked the same exact questions all day long by all the different people. (Why do you want to give a kidney? Why do you want to do it in Ohio? Why do you want to give to a stranger? Etc. Etc.) So, by the time I saw the psychologist – the very last interview at the end of a long and draining day, I might add – I’d already said everything 8 times already.

Once I was talking to her, I started feeling like a crazy person repeating myself. “Uh, have I already told you this part?” It was all running together. It was all just orchestrated so perfectly… I’m honestly surprised to hear a producer wasn’t behind it all, and that I wasn’t secretly being taped.

Okay. I am honestly so unbelievably upset about this horrible, horrible, infuriating conversation. I’m over here reminding myself to breathe… So, get angry. Get ready. And let’s start it on Wednesday.

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